VeChain based app E-HCert helps fight Covid-19

The Mediterranean Hospital in Cyprus gave a hundred of its doctors and personnel COVID-19 vaccination with digital certificates recorded on VeChain based app E-HCert.
VeChain recently expanded the app to underpin work info systems, facultative quicker delivery of take a look at results and medical specialty.
A hospital in Cyprus announced that it’s has vaccinated 100 of its doctors and personnel issuing them a digital certificate.

VeChain based app E-HCert helps fight Covid-19

With VeChain based app E-HCert the Mediterranean Hospital has been counting on VeChain for months to record the test results of its patients in addition.

Transforming health care
In its announcement, the hospital discovered that the vaccination had taken place on Jan four. It more revealed:

Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus conjointly announces that 100 individuals received a digital certificate for his/her vaccination on their E-HCert App.  VeChainThor Blockchain marks another step towards digital transformation of the health care business .

VeChain launched the E-HCert in June last year, as Crypto information according. It then partnered with the hospital in its efforts to fight against the pandemic. E-HCert was presently adopted by Larnaca International field, the most important in Cyprus. The platform works as an electronic test to verify whether or not a user may be a COVID-19 carrier.

In its December third announcement, VeChain discovered that its solution had recorded results of eight,000 people.

These individuals were able to use it as part of the flight arrival method at the International field of Larnaca.

VeChain conjointly discovered that it had been launching a brand new product via the E-HCert platform.

Driven by proven worth in a real-world setting, the E-HCert App is currently launching its latest iteration; a Digital lab test wallet providing blockchain-enabled services, bringing medical results to the hands of patients while health care authorities maintain the integrity of the information.

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