to delist SID Token (SIDT) and KICKICO (KICK)

It’s a new month, and I am happy that you made it this far. I wish you all the best, and may your plans come to pass. As our number audience, I could not help but take a little time to say something beautiful to you. to delist SID Token (SIDT) and KICKICO (KICK), without wasting more time, let’s get to the purpose of this post., in their recent tweet, made known their intentions to delist two tokens from their exchange.
In their tweet, they said the reason for their actions was in a bid to improve the experience of their users in crypto trading. They’ve commenced a more aggressive move towards the quality and standard of tokens that are listed on their platform.
The delisting is set to occur on the 13th day of August 2019. Users of are at this moment advised to withdraw their affected tokens as soon as they can. Maybe I should not use the ‘As soon as you can’ phrase because only gave a 30 day withdrawal period after delisting. That means you have to withdraw your tokens between now and the 12th day of September 2019 according to my calculations. In cases like this, I always advise that the user withdraws as early as possible to avoid long stories at the end.

One other thing I got from the announcement tweet was a link to medium where I saw the full announcement post. In the medium post, gave specific reasons for delisting KICKICO (KICK), but no particular reason was given for the delisting of the SID TOKEN.
They made it clear that the KICK token swap was the reason for the delisting since the exchange could not support the swap due to logistics reasons. However, wished them all the best. Announcement

Below is an extract of the medium post, and the link can be found after the excerpt.

“Dear TIOnauts,
In our ongoing efforts to improve the crypto trading experience for our users, we are engaged in a campaign to raise the standards for the tokens listed on our exchange. This has been an iterative process with the management teams of the various projects to determine the best course of action and discuss various options.
While each token and project is unique, there are a few general standards that we have begun to enforce more vigorously. These include, but are not limited to, trading that looks inappropriate, management teams that are not reasonably responsive to basic inquiries and instances where a business or token is undergoing changes that make it no longer suitable for listing for any reason.

To be clear, we are making no statement on the validity or desirability of any token and no token being delisted is being accused of anything on this list or any other concerns. These are simply tokens where the project needs to no longer coincide with the services provided by for any of a myriad of reasons.
As a result, the following tokens has been selected for delisting in this current round:
These two tokens will be completely delisted from our exchange on the 13th day of August, 2019. Holders of these tokens are encouraged to withdraw them from the exchange as soon as reasonably possible; unless otherwise noted, withdrawals will be available for thirty (30) days following delisting.

The decision to delist KICK was taken after KICKICO announced their upcoming token swap. will not support the KICK token swap for logistical reasons and as a result, we will proceed with the delisting of the token. We wish KICKCO the best for their future.
As always, we at are continuously working to provide the best trading environment possible for our listed companies and trading users.

About is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows its users to conveniently carry out crypto trading activities in a safe, economic and convenient environment.
They have 0.1% taker fee and zero deposit fee. This means traders save more while using the platform. offers the Over the counter trading desk OTC which enables its users to communicate their price, receive a quote and deal directly with the dealing desk.

One other outstanding factor of this exchange is their liquidity pool. has a liquidity pool that allows its verified users to contribute a certain amount of TIOx into a pool while earning daily interest. The sweetest part of this pool is the fact that you can exit it at any time and all your staked tokens will be returned to your wallet. also has the highest referral scheme in the whole industry. I might have to make a full review on the platform soon.
Visit this link to get an account with

About SID Token

The main aim of the project is to help take people out of poverty by creating a means of sharing internet data between people. A staggering five hundred million people have been projected to be lifted out of poverty, especially in places with no access to the internet.
It is worthy of note that the United Nations had declared internet access as one of the human rights according to the 2016 resolution.
The tokens will be traded for megabytes and other use cases.

About KICK

KICK is the main currency of the KICKICO platform. Users of the platform, especially the authors’ use the KICK token as their ways of payment for fees, purchases, and other activities in the platform.
The platform itself is a community comprising of investors, entrepreneurs, and service providers that come together for the benefit of all parties. In this blockchain community, fundraising campaigns can be achieved and the necessary support given.


I will find out time to make a comprehensive review of the exchange platform. In case you have any of the tokens mentioned above, kindly withdraw before the deadline.
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