Three Best DApps Platforms Weekly Overview

I always talk about Cryptocurrency and I thought it wise to make this post on the three best dApps platforms in terms of Volumes, number of transactions and number of users.

The last 7 days saw the three best-known dApp platforms, EOS, Ethereum and TRON, experience millions of dollars in volumes on their networks. While their number of dApps and smart contracts continues to rise steadily for all three platforms, some of them lag in terms of the number of users, volume and transactions. Based on data from DappReview, we can get a better picture of the state of affairs.


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Three best DApps in terms of Volumes

When we look at the volumes on the three networks, we see that TRON is the largest. Over the past 7 days, TRON saw a whopping volume of $ 60.2 million. Ethereum also came close to TRON with a volume of $ 57.2 million. However, EOS fell to third place in this regard. EOS could only manage to see a volume of $ 42.5 million last week.


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Three best DApps in terms of Transactions

The picture is slightly different in terms of the number of transactions. EOS took the lead in this sector, it is the big number one there. EOS saw 27.9 million transactions while TRON saw 7.9 million. Ethereum is stuck in this area. Indeed, it only saw 362,839 transactions in the past week.



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Three best DApps in terms of Users

To some people, the most important thing for a platform is the number of users who use their platform. Here too, EOS is the big number one. The past 7 days, 873,368 used EOS. Behind it is TRON with 230,415 users. Ethereum came last in this sector. It came third place here. It is sad to say that the platform with the largest number of altcoin, Ethereum (ETH), saw only 114,139 users.



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