Tezos new privacy feature added by developers

Tezos new privacy feature added by developers

Tezos developers are adding a new privacy feature to the blockchain.
A new ticketing system will empower smart contracts to issue tokens.
Developers of the Tezos blockchain are gearing up for some significant upgrades as they hope to attract new users. Yesterday, Nomadic Labs, Metastate, and Marigold shared a joint press release where they proposed a new upgrade to the Tezos blockchain. The upgrade, dubbed “Edo,” plans to bring in some new privacy and smart contract upgrades as Tezos hopes to branch out and expand its user base.

Meet “Edo”
Most prominent on the list is the introduction of Sapling, a library used by the ZCash blockchain. The feature essentially introduces “transaction shielding,” a component that allows users to send transactions privately. Sapling is one of the many features that have made ZCash the force it is today. As the developers explained:

Our proposal allows smart contract developers to easily add Sapling in their smart contracts and create privacy-conscious applications. Nonetheless Tezos can be amended, so it was possible for us to add this exciting new feature directly to Tezos itself.

Furthermore developers have also introduced a new ticketing system that enables smart contracts to grant portable permissions and issue tokens. They pointed out that ticketing makes it easier to write functional contracts, and incorporating it could allow the Tezos blockchain to appeal to more users.

Particularly, prominent is the incorporation of a new adoption period for protocol upgrades. The developers highlighted that before now, changes to the blockchain have gone live just after voting on them is done. Ideally, this takes about a minute – much less time for network users to understand and acclimatize to the changes.

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