Telegram releases source code for TON blockchain

Message service provider Telegram has released the source code of its blockchain project known as the Telegram Open Network (TON), as part of the final test phase for the launch of the Gram token.

The Gram Token is the personal cryptocurrency token of Telegram.

With the code, you can run a so-called node of the TON blockchain in preparation for the launch of the Gram token. This gives the possibility to remove any last teething problems from the network. There are currently 100 nodes that are managed by Telegram itself.


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Mitja Goroshevsky, CTO of TON Labs, says the following about the code:

The source code for a complete node that has access to the test network and can create and validate blocks has been released. The Lite client was already released a few months ago. TON Labs will release a public beta of its developers’ tools on Monday.

Originally, the source code would already be released on September 1, but that was postponed for unknown reasons. Telegram raised a record amount of around $ 1.7 billion in an initial coin offering (ICO) in 2018 for the Gram token.

The launch of the mainnet is scheduled for October 31. The Gram token must also be launched by then, otherwise, Telegram is forced to repay the ICO investors.


This is another win for the crypto community and we wish the launch of the Gram token will help drive Cryptocurrency adoption to more people.

 We hope to follow up this process and keep you updated on all the happenings.


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