STEEM has successfully defeated the hackers- Justin Tron

A lot has happened in the last few days as a result of the latest acquisition of by Justin.
We witnessed a drama which saw Witnesses carry out a soft fork on the blockchain in other to limit Justin’s control.
While in the midst of all these controversies, Justin earlier today took to His Twitter handle to announce that the hackers have been defeated and all the funds are safe. The statement did not go well with a lot of users. Most of them believed Justin was wrong to refer to voted Witnesses as ‘hackers’.
Below is the tread from Justin’s Tweets:
“#STEEM has successfully defeated the hackers & all funds are super #SAFU.

@SteemNetwork and @steemit community is now stronger than ever since we united & solved the difficulties! Full details below
(1/9) On Feb 22, some malicious hackers froze 65 million #STEEM legally owned by Steemit, the core STEEM developers. When we found out, the hackers already hijacked STEEM & threatened to nullify the existing STEEM. We had a difficult choice.
(2/9) We double confirmed w/ lawyers & were told this was definitely a criminal activity from the hackers who froze over 10 million dollars worth of STEEM & threatened to destroy the assets. The risk of nullifying the #STEEM network puts every STEEM holders’ interest in danger.
(3/9) Such actions are against every aspect of the core value of humanity & decentralization & sanctity of private property. We needed to act immediately to safeguard the #STEEM blockchain & ecosystem when we still had the chance.
(4/9) We knew it would be a complicated process since we needed to control the network for a short period of time, but we had no choice. Our sole intent was to secure

’s stake & #STEEM holders’ interest. Our intention was not to control the STEEM network.

(5/9) We will commit to withdrawing the votes ASAP once we’re sure malicious hackers can’t sabotage #STEEM anymore & will give the voting rights back to the community. All exchanges’ votes will be withdrawn soon. Shoutout to all the exchanges & parties who helped us save STEEM!
(7/9)Misleading comments re us collaborating w/ exchanges on a hostile takeover is false. Our intention was never to take over the network & all parties’ votes will be withdrawn. We wanted to protect the sanctity of private property & the interests of all from malicious hackers.
(8/9) We’re devoted to the continued development of the

@SteemNetwork, bringing more developers, users and content to @Steemit

, and more rewards to the community members. Super excited about the upcoming roadmap

(9/9) My deepest apologies to the community, all the exchanges, & various parties involved for this disturbing hack incident. Thanks for your support to

and @SteemNetwork
. Always STEEM ON!


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