The twist and turns in the products of the Blockchain as an entity have been a major reason why crypto, DeFi,web3, and P2E gaming (play to earn) provide a safe landing for career-building, investors, passive income earners, and more. One of the products of the Blockchain that has been explored to great benefit is P2E games.

In terms of PlayToEarn gaming adoption, statistics show that the United States ranks 18th for P2E game adoption. Countries like Canada, rallying at 8% of their population. We have Columbia and Brazil having 13% and 18% respectively. Gamers playing and earning have come to stay and SHIBA ETERNITY is currently making a similar mark in Vietnam.

Play to Earn games are typically video games that allow players to perform in-game activities, explore the game features, interact with the user interface, and in turn earn revenue or profit while they play. These revenues are usually in form of gems, Cryptocurrencies, and NFTs and can be converted to fiat if need be.
Sometimes users are provided an opportunity to test these P2E games before their official launch, like the beta test going on for Shiba Eternity.

The P2E game testing was announced by the developer of the Shiba Inu project, Shytoshi Kusama. This will be the first beta for the game Shiba Eternity. As time goes on, more features might be added to the game for flexibility and better user experience. It is most likely that the rave would move further to Indonesia from Vietnam, to bring up to speed users in this region.

It could be assumed that Vietnam was the first testing spot for Shiba Inu’s project due to the achievements made by another Play-to-Earn game; Axie Infinity, in the region. Moreover, A video demo of SHIBA ETERNITY was released to users, to allow users to get familiar with basic concepts of the game like graphics, operations, and gameplay.

Some features of the SHIBA ETERNITY which were made known by Shytoshi Kusama include features like:
Allowing users to own pets. These pets are similar to the Shiba Inu NFT collection, known as SHIBOSHIS. The collection which sold out in about 35 minutes upon release is a set of 10 thousand Shiba Inu NFTs. Built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Shiboshi NFT has its unique traits.

It is still uncertain why the mystic founder, Ryoshi took off suddenly by removing all his information on Social media and leaving the project. Similar to Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto. That notwithstanding, the Shiba Inu project team has taken visible moves to portray the project as a candid one and not just a mere meme coin as it is being regarded by most crypto users.

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