Ethereum earlier announced its plans to merge, which would introduce a shift from the proof-of-work which is the Protocol’s current consensus form to the Proof of stake consensus. This merge would likely take place in September this year. This is a shift to reckon with as its effect would be greatly felt across the crypto space.

The Ethereum network as we know it is known for its high Transactional fees, in other words, known as fees. This is due to the massive adoption and traffic that the network has developed over time. Ethereum is a layer 1 network, and due to some of these shortcomings, layer 2 networks were developed and deployed to combat these challenges. Networks like Arbitrum, and Optimism are layer 2 platforms that help provide scalability and lower gas fees for transactions.

The merge will take care of those layer 1 problems with the Ethereum network, boosting the network’s security and usability in terms of energy intensity usage, which is a characteristic of the proof of work mechanism.

Over the years, Ethereum has gained a foothold in crypto as a good investment platform for new Blockchain users and NFT (non-fungible token) enthusiasts.

Seedify also wants to tap into the advantages the Ethereum merge is expected to bring. It also plans to work closely with the new versioned Ethereum by creating a parity pool between SFUND( SEEDIFY native token) and Ethereum Ether- (SFUND/ETH)

Seedify’s integration with Ethereum would grow its community base, create newer market members and create an easy landing for new entrants. Crypto farmers and stakers in this network are not left out of the intended beneficiaries.

The implication of this Cross-chain link is that anyone Ethereum user would be able to utilize Seedify’s features faster. Its native token SFUND would be affected positively.

In maximizing the full benefit of the partnership with Ethereum, Seedify’s ecosystem will also include SFUND/ETH crypto farms in the near future to boost a viable trading economy for SFUND.

There would be the inclusion of surprise events to generate awareness for the SFUND tokens among old-time Ethereum users or native users. Eventually, Seedify’s SFUND would be more visible on the Ethereum network.

Seedify also known as Seedify Fund (SFUND) is a launchpad for Blockchain projects, particularly gaming projects. The Launchpad also has a proven track record of helping and providing resources for project start-ups; seed money, feedback, and advice.

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