Ripple reports growth after SOC 2 certification

Ripple’s product suite is currently SOC 2 certified.
RippleNet Cloud transaction volume doubled eight weeks in 2020.
While RippleNet Cloud has seen huge growth over the past year, Ripple has  taken a step to make it secure. As Ripple Labs created public yesterday, RippleNet is currently SOC 2 certified. To “attest to excellence in security and privacy,” the certification is an industry-leading seal of approval.

Ripple reports growth after SOC 2 certification

Ripple reports growth after SOC 2 certification
Conducted by a freelance auditing firm and includes a series of reports is the certification. These offer in-depth data concerning an organization’s security capabilities, thus users will assess risk and convidence in certified vendor’s performance.

As such, the SOC 2 certification verifies the “highest standard of security and privacy” for RippleNet’s suite of product. For Ripple, this is another argument to win over Banks to implement RippleNet, Sarhanghi stated:

This means that banks who utilize legacy software—planning to adopt RippleNet Cloud can do so with confidence.  Ripple has a certified, “seal of approval” when it comes to meeting trendy security and privacy desires.

Demonstarting RippleNet’s capabilities of delivering services fit for a modern world is SOC 2.

Further customer adoption of RippleNet Cloud will be seen in 2021 due to the trust its freshly awarded certification assures.

The exponential growth of the RippleNet Cloud
In 2020, RippleNet Cloud played a significant role during the pandemic. During digital transitioning, RippleNet Cloud enabled dozens of monetary establishments to modernize their core payment infrastructure quicker.
Being more cost-efficient than legacy, on-premise solutions.

Since its launch in June 2020, forty banks and payment service suppliers have connect to RippleNet payment network, discovered Sarhanghi.  RippleNet Cloud allows implementation in 5 weeks instead of 10 weeks installation.

It additionally permits money establishments to extend potency by eliminating requirement to stress regarding upgrades, observing applications or administering databases. Recognized by additional customers in 2020 were these advantages, Sarhanghi said:

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