Poloniex Exchange Adds New App Features

Poloniex Exchange has added more features to its latest application update. In a tweet from their official account, the Exchange made it known that users can now see and use the full-screen option for new charts. This feature makes it possible for users to view granular detail on each market’s price and volume over time.

Below is the extract from Poloniex exchange tweet: “In our latest app update, we’ve added a full-screen option for our new charts! With the full-screen view, you’ll find more granular details on each market’s price and volume over time.”

If you are a trader that uses them, you can feel free to download their new application according to your device link below.

Android Users: brew.social/fjkoe


In another Tweet, the exchange also made it known that it has commenced its off-chain transfers. Below is the statement that was released: “In an effort to improve the experience for our customers, we implemented a new feature called “Off-Chain Transfers”. This will allow customers to easily and quickly send funds for free between Poloniex accounts.

You can now send any of our listed currencies (even unique ones like Grin!) using this new feature. There is no withdrawal fee for these off-chain transfers (the fee is displayed, but will not be charged when executed).

Since funds are being moved within our platform, bypassing the blockchain, the transaction is instant. You don’t have to wait for the transaction to be confirmed – a normally slow and expensive process.

As a result of the bypass, the transaction ID will feature the prefix “transfer-” with an alphanumeric string following. Block explorers will not show these transactions, as they refer to movements within the Poloniex system.

If you have any questions about this new implementation, please reach out to our support team.”




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