Binance.US, one of the national branches of one of the world’s leading Cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of trading volume, Binance recently announced its intentions to provide support for DAR, a new Cryptocurrency on the exchange. While making this introduction, Binance US also stated that deposits of DAR can now be made by users, and they were welcome to start exploring the deposit option if they please.

In line with this announcement by Binance US official website, users of the exchange would be provided with the option of trading Mines of DALARNIA (DAR) in two pairs. Either against USD or against USDT. Payment channels that are supported by Binance US to this end include bank transfers, wire transfers, and using debit cards. Users of the exchange can trade DAR in luckily 2 pairs, one against USD and another against USDT stablecoin. Supported payment methods include bank transfers, debit cards, and wire transfers. In addition, withdrawal of DAR tokens is now possible too.

Deposits of DAR commenced on the 25th of July, at 5 am, 8 am Pacific Daylight Time, and Eastern Daylight Time respectively. And trading commenced approximately a day later with the “Buy crypto” option.

The Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain aren’t left out of the party. Users can deposit ETH and BSC versions of DAR and can also withdraw. Binance US warned its users against sending tokens to the wrong addresses, as the exchange wouldn’t be able to recover lost or misplaced. Hence, users ought to cross-check transactions properly before sending.


DAR is the token of a well-known Metaverse game called Mines of Dalarnia. The Minecraft-themed game allows players to mine the landscape for earnings and valuables. These earnings can be used to improve in-game gear quality and getting items.

The game is set with two categories of players. Players have the option of either being miners or landowners. The landowners rent out their lands to miners to mine for rewards. These lands come in form of Non-Fungible tokens, hence having true ownership of assets.

The Metaverse game also incorporates the PlayToEarn feature, which allows players to perform in-game activities and tasks to earn Cryptocurrency rewards.

DAR token is the Metaverse GameFi native token. DAR can be to purchase in-game assets. It’s the project’s in-game currency. DAR can be used for staking to earn rewards. DAR can also be used for governance purposes.

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