New Ripple’s version cuts memory usage in half

Version 1.7 of rippled will cut back memory consumption in half.
As the C++ team at Ripple wrote in a very new web post yesterday, the time has come: version one.7.0 of rippled is to be discharged.

New Ripple’s version cuts memory usage in half
Why is this important?
Rippled is the server code that powers the XRP ledger and is employed by nodes as a reference implementation on the network. With version 1.7.0, node operators can see a “real-world improvement of over 50%,”according to the RippleX team.

Back in December, Ripple CTO David Schwartz reported great improvement performance in initial testing of version 1.7.

At the time, Schwartz conducted test his server was down, restarted to simulate rebooting for code updating in 60 seconds.

Schwartz measured memory consumption,processing rates and time needed in the test.

He explains that previous version “takes 82 seconds, 5.2 GB, and peaks at 73K nodes/sec.
The optimized version takes 37 seconds, 2.2 GB, and peaks at 327K nodes/sec.

In 2020 the C++ team spent time focusing on better usage of available system resources which has paid off. Total memory savings of 50%, with 7GB less RAM usage than the original code can be found in the new 1.7.

Alloy Networks tested results in December.  Verification that version 1.7 works the same “as well as it does for us,” as Ripple expressed.
New rippled version 1.7.0. has changes. Therefore we’re proud to report that, compared to previous versions, our new version, cuts its memory usage less than half.

New Ripple’s version cuts memory usage in half

The key parameter for rippled’s developers
The focus of rippled V.1.7’s enhancements was the questionable“SHAMap” and its elements. Significantly the nodes within the SHAMap’s tree-like structure. This organisation “holds the state of the ledger all the accounts, balances, settings, exchange orders, and all XRP Ledger tracks”

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