Netkoin Airdrop Procedures

We did promise to keep you updated with any possible way to earn some free cryptocurrency, and we intend to keep to our promise. We are glad to inform you of the simple Netkoin Airdrop. It is tagged the Netkoin 1 Million NTK Telegram bounty. With a few simple steps, you can finish the process and wait for your token.
I would love to talk about the Netkoin project. I’ll keep that to the later part of the post since this particular airdrop is time-sensitive and open to only the first one thousand participants. Without wasting more time, let me walk you through the process.

Netkoin Airdrop Procedure

The Netkoin Airdrop procedure is simple and easy for anyone to apply conveniently.

A step-by-step guide to aide you submit your application.

  • Visit the Netkoin airdrop form by clicking on this link.
    The Netkoin airdrop page will open with a welcome message as the first paragraph and the numbered social task.
  • Netkoin is distributing 1,000 NTK to 1,000 participants. To receive 1,000 NTK complete the following:
    1. Follow Netkoin’s Twitter:
    2. Like and Retweet the Telegram bounty tweet
    3. Join Netkoin’s Telegram
    4. Fill the form below and submit.
    The 10th of August 2019 will complete the distribution of 1,000 Netkoin tokens to eligible participants.
  • Once you are done with the simple tasks, Scroll down to where your telegram username and Ethereum address would be asked.
  • At that point, Kindly input your Telegram Username and Ethereum Address. These fields are starred due to their importance.
  • Be sure to input the correct details and avoid mistake. You won’t be able to edit your response once you’ve submitted it.
  • Once you are sure of everything, Kindly Hit the submit button.

Netkoin Airdrop

  • It will direct you to the Netkoin one million NTK Telegram Bounty thank you page, and you will see a thank you message that reads;
    “Thank you for participating in this bounty. Distribution of One thousand NTK to eligible participants will be completed by the 10th of August 2019.”

Congratulations, you’ve successfully submitted your form.
You would receive your NTK in your Ethereum Wallet if you followed all the procedure as stated above.

Some facts about the Netkoin Airdrop

I thought it wise to highlight some points concerning the Netkoin airdrop. Below are some of them.

  • The first point is that the total Netkoin Airdrop amount is a whopping one million Netkoin (NTK).
  • The total coin of a particular individual stands at a flat rate of one thousand Netkoin per person.
  • In case you plan to buy some NetKoin, Netkoin is currently trading at the Mercatox exchange. You can head over there and make your trade. Also, remember that you will have to get an account at the exchange. The process is pretty simple.
  • Netkoin is listed on Cointracker.
  • The Netkoin Airdrop will be distributed to eligible airdrop participants on or before the 10th of August 2019. That means that the distribution will be completed by the 10th of August 2019.

About Netkoin

You all know that I always like to write a little about the project that is airdropping its token. I was supposed to do that in the beginning, but I had to skip due to the urgency of the first information.
I am sure you are done with the airdrop before reading this part of the post. If you’ve not, Then I’ll advise that you pause your reading and rush to the airdrop procedure section above. Now that you’ve successfully booked your space among the lucky Netkoin airdrop participants, you can now sit back and relax. Allow me to take you through a little about the Netkoin project.

The Netkoin Ecosystem

The Netkoin ecosystem comprises of a lot of processes that work together for the good of the system. The idea behind the system is to provide a standard business management platform where business owners who utilize the platform can manage their advertisement on the Netkoin Mobile application.
With this process, Business owners can integrate the social media contents of their stores, thereby achieving a single advertisement place. Having everything in one place leads to a drastic reduction in content marketing management by the business owners marketing team.

Another exciting part of this ecosystem is the provision of Mobile advertisement that is location-based. This feature helps give the customer a tailored and personalized shopping experience. The privacy and security of users data have been taken care of.

NTK use-cases

This article will not be complete if I fail to state some use-cases of the coin. The coin is an essential part of the whole ecosystem. Firstly, users of the tokens can transfer between each other in the Ethereum Blockchain. This peer to peer transactions enables the fast circulation of the tokens between individuals.
The retail businesses on the network will require to have NTK to join and benefit from the ecosystem. This acquisition will help drive the circulating supply-demand upward.
There are also plans for shoppers to collect and redeem NTK the ecosystem location-based mobile application advertisement.

The overall idea of the system is to change the way retail business and its customer relationship.
Retail businesses will now have access to affordable and converting advertising. The incentives by the retailers act as a motivator for nearby users to visit the retailer’s store.

Since NTK token is the utility coin of this robust ecosystem, I hope I have been able to show you the prospects of the token that you will earn if you can be among the one thousand lucky ones.


The bounty is limited to the first one thousand people. It is, therefore, crucial that you treat it as an urgent task.
Also, note that there is no referral in this particular airdrop.
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We would also love to hear your experience and thoughts towards the Netkoin project in the comment section.

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