As Investors keep an eye on the market hoping to recover, some market assets are rallying and showing bullish trends, while a few others are still at the dip. Bitcoin is currently trading at a 24 hours low price of $21,413.85. The most influential cryptocurrency in the market has dropped by 1.35% in the last 24 hours. BNB is also on a low, trading at $296 with a 2.94% decline.

The Price of NEAR in the past few days has shown a glimpse of hope and Investors are taking advantage to fill their bags with the Near Protocol native token. Although the current price of NEAR according to market statistics is sitting at $4.23 with a decline in the price of 4.36%, the protocol is still Bullish in light of the recent activities rippling within the protocol. One of them is the SWEAT Coin Launch.

Sweatcoin is the anticipated token that thrives on the Move-to-earn scene. Move to earn is a reward structure among others in the Cryptocurrency space, it gives users an opportunity to use their devices to make physical movements which in turn are converted to cryptocurrency.

Since the inception of Move-to-earn, users have indulged several platforms that reward based on this format and a lot of them have been seen in recent times. An example Is the Step-to-earn by STEPN. Sweat coin lets users convert their physical steps into digital assets-cryptocurrency. Walking allows users to earn the SWEAT token. About a thousand steps produce 1 SWEAT.

Sweatcoin was founded by Oleg Fomenkoin and Anton Derlyatka in 2016. The intention of the producers was to promote healthy living and reward users for practicing and indulging in routine exercises. The design structure of the Sweat coin app allows users to take these consistent steps and earn rewards on the app.

SWEAT Coin is built on Ethereum, but uses NEAR protocol as its blockchain. Since its introduction, the app has amassed over about 63 million users, taking rewarding steps that have culminated into a total of over 20 trillion steps as of May 2022.

The SWEAT COIN app features daily rewards, that lets the users earn bonus rewards. Rewards ranging from 0 SWEAT to 1000 SWEAT. There is also a feature on the Move-to-earn Application which boosts the reward per step and can be activated to run for approximately 20 minutes.

Sweat Coin App has a marketplace with various digital assets, gift cards, and utilities. Users can purchase these items with their earned SWEAT tokens or purchase items at a discount. Although the SWEAT token has not been launched yet, many crypto believers are making the best out of the current SWEAT COIN app.

SWEAT COIN would be launched in September. And in light of this, a recent tweet published by @Sweateconomy on Twitter introduced the SWEAT wallet, which is available on Google play store and Apple.

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