So far so good, many technologists believe that Web3 is the forklift that would take the internet to a whole other level.
Web3, which happens to be an internet model that is being conjoined with Blockchain features, has Cryptocurrencies and NFTs built into its system.

Very recently, Mises, a web3 platform, launched its Airdrop round of its Token MIS for subscribers of the decentralized internet model. Let’s look briefly at what Mises is and how subscribers can participate in the ongoing airdrop distribution.

Mises is one of the latest Web3-powered protocols. The decentralized Social network has been successfully integrated with Blockchain technology and features. On the MISES platform, users have absolute control of their private data and are free to air Their opinions freely as there are no regulations for speech. The web3 protocol has its MIS token. And is currently distributed to persons who download the mobile app (via play store) and sign up.

A glance through the Mises social network application: The social network has the Mises ID, which is peculiar and distinct to each customer and allocated upon sign-up. The platform has a community timeline, where users share information and interactions like commenting, sharing, and liking. This decentralized Social media has its browser and wallet (this is also where your airdrops, once given, would be stored) This wallet allows users to have access to web3 products right on their mobile devices.

Mises, in its token distribution structure, decided to issue 3% of MIS total supply as airdrop rewards to users who use its web3 platform. With 2.5 of this sum goes to 100,000 MISES users and 0.5% to Key opinion leaders (KOLs) of the decentralized web3 Community. Upon creating their Mises ID, users would have to link or create an Ethereum wallet.


• Go to your Mobile Playstore

•Search for Mises and Download App or use the link (https://play.app.goo.gl/?link=https%3A%2F%2Fplay.google.com%2Fstore%2Fapps%2Fdetails%3Fid%3Dsite.mises.browser%26referrer%3Dutm_source%253Dch_62b97d6ff37ede8f97e9fa65)

• Once App is installed, open the app and click on “Enter Mises”
• New users can click on “Create MISES ID”

• Existing users can click on “Restore Mises ID”

• Click on “Send Tweet”

N/B: The platform would need to access your Twitter profile and automatically send a tweet stating you have received the said amount of MIS airdrop. The number of MIS airdropped to users varies.

With the airdrop making the rounds on social media platforms, users are therefore advised to look out for scam websites, and unofficial social handles that claim to be Mises, or require, private keys or a fraction of your tokens.

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