Microsoft launches Azure Heroes in collaboration with Enjin

Microsoft recently announced that they have collaborated with Blockchain gaming company Enjin to launch Azure Heroes. Here is the link to the official announcement.

These so-called Azure Heroes are unique digital collector’s items in the form of cartoonish ties that are ‘tokened’ using the ERC1155 protocol for the Ethereum blockchain:

Microsoft and Enjin have collaborated in a local pilot to create a blockchain-based recognition program. The ties of Azure Heroes are made in a number of original and unique designs that have been converted into a digital element on the public blockchain of Ethereum.

The ties are non-fungible tokens (NFT), which means that each item, or tie, is unique. They have no monetary value, but there is a maximum number. The ties can be used to reward members of the community:

Azure Heroes wants to reward individuals for verifiable actions such as coaching, creating demos, building sample code, blogging about Azure or completing certain challenges. Community members who have demonstrated their contributions are recognized with badges from a number of categories.

Community members can nominate each other or themselves. Members who have been chosen to be rewarded will receive a QR code with which they can claim their digital tie.

Users can receive their NFT ties in an Enjin wallet. Then the owner of the token can do whatever he wants with it, for example forwarding to another Ethereum address or destroying the token.

Some of the ties are rarer than others. There are 10,000 tokens in circulation for the “Maker” tie intended for developers and there are only 100 tokens for “Inclusive Leader” for organizers.

Enjin is a blockchain gaming company that announced earlier this year to collaborate with technology giant Samsung. After the announcement, the price of the ENJ token rose by 550%. Today, the price of ENJ shows an increase of more than 30%.

Microsoft recently announced a collaboration with computer game publisher Eidos and game book developer Fabled Lands for the development of a new digital card game that also uses blockchain technology and NFT, called: Arena of Death.


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