MedK airdrop procedures

The Medk airdrop second drop just started a few days ago. This post will take you on a step by step process on how to get your share of the MEDK tokens. Without wasting any more of your time, let us delve directly to the main business of today.


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Medk airdrop Worth

This airdrop is worth from as low as five dollars all the way to a thousand dollars depending on your accumulated points. That means the more points you get, the more money you make.

However, all participants that wish to get something out of this airdrop must complete at least 20 bounty entries. The 20 completed bounty entries are worth at five dollars. So we are safe to assume that the lowest accepted amount is five dollars.

Apart from having more entries, there is a price for the top 15 entries. Below is how much worth of MEDK tokens that they will go home with.

The first person will go home with 10,000 MEDK tokens worth a whooping One thousand dollars.

2,500 MEDK token will be given to the people who occupy the 2nd to 5th position. In dollars, that is worth $250.

People occupying 6th to 10th position will smile home with 1,500 MEDK tokens each. That is the equivalent of $150.

The people occupying the 11th to 15th position will each get 1,000 MEDK tokens. That is worth a hundred dollars each.


A whopping 100 entries are allocated per referral. That is your selling point and I hope you capitalize on that.



Airdrop Requirement

The major requirement of the Medk airdrop is a working email. All other items are optional.

However, you will need your Ethereum address to receive your tokens and also need your social media handles to make more points.


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Medk airdrop procedures

Follow the steps below to claim your share of the Medk airdrop:

Visit the Medk airdrop page by clicking this LINK.

Enter your email and complete the sign-up process.

Log in and start performing the given task on the dashboard to earn more entries.

Share your referral link to your friends.


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Below are the task and the allocated entries:

Complete these actions

Give us your ETH Address +100
Go to MedK Website +200


Read MedK Whitepaper and answer one question +200
Register an account on MedK Platform +200


Follow MedK on Twitter +200
Follow MedK on Facebook +200


Join MedK on Discord +200
Follow MedK on Medium +150


Follow MedK on Reddit +200
Tweet about the Contest! +200


Tweet this out 1 +50
Tweet this out 2 +200


Tweet this out 3 +200
Post this on Facebook 1 +200


Post this on Facebook 2 +200
Post this on Facebook 3 +200


Clap 50 times for this article +150
Clap 50 times for this article too +150


Upvote this Reddit post +150
Make a meaningful comment on this Reddit Post +100


Like and Retweet this tweet 1 +150
Like and Retweet this tweet 2 +150


Comment on this tweet +200
Share this Facebook post 1 +150


Share this Facebook post 2 +150
Comment on this Facebook post +200


Participate in MedK Token Sale and receive 1.5K Points +1500
Join CryptoAdventure Telegram group and stay +150  


Follow Cryptofolds on Twitter +200
Follow CryptoAdventure on Twitter +150


Join Marchant Marketing Discord and stay +150
Follow Marchant Marketing on Twitter +150

                                                         Add your comment (+10)



Note: this contest will end on the 23rd day of September 2019. You will receive your MEDK tokens 28 days after the closing date.


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Rewards & Prizes

Participation Rewards

50 $MEDK tokens valued at $5 for all participants who completed at least 20 entries in the bounty.


Leaderboard Contest

1st Prize – 10000 $MEDK TOKENS valued at 1000

2nd-5th – 2500 $MEDK – valued at 250$

6th-10th –  1500 $MEDK – valued at 150$

11th – 15th – 1000 $MEDK – Valued at 150$


Public Sale Bonus

$20 Min. Investment – 1.5K bounty point & 15% $MEDK bonus tokens

$20 – 100$ investment – 2.5K bounty points & 20% $MEDK bonus tokens

$100 – 500$ investment – 3.5k bounty points & 30% $MEDK Bonus tokens

$500+ investment – 10k bounty points & 50% $MEDK bonus tokens.


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