Since the Metaverse came into the scene and changed the entire scope of Virtual reality, many firms have bought into this cutting-edge idea called the Metaverse. The cryptocurrency firms are also not left out, as many of them have been seen integrating the Metaverse into its core functionalities or future roadmap.

A major Cryptocurrency exchange is the newest adopter of this new tech. This exchange has decided to team up with a Metaverse platform to create a fully functional state-of-the-art virtual office with charts for technical analysis on the Metaverse. It’s no more there than KuCoin.

KuCoin has joined forces with Ertha; which is a virtual world set up, with the aim of creating massive adoption via serving users with a quality experience. A partnership with KuCoin really seems like a sure bet to achieving this aim.

What role does Ertha have to play in all this? And what does KuCoin have to do with all of it? Well, Ertha which is a P2E Metaverse gaming platform can now have its players who use its early beta, log into the platform to have access to a fully functional office space. This office structure is a state-of-the-art kind and functional, up-to-date charts.

The office location is on the First Ertha NFT plot. Players on Ertha who own these NFT plots earn via a P2E mechanic, which allows these NFT owners to make their lands yield passive rewards for them. According to the statistics, there are about 24,000 land plots or more, and discounts are available for a short time only. Ertha keeps improving upon its innovations as touching GameFi as an ecosystem. According to an Ertha spokesperson, he said that few Projects have been able to successfully partner and collaborate with credible brands and incorporate them into their ecosystems.

Ertha isn’t just another Metaverse platform, but it comes from a view of giving back to crypto users through its play-to-earn structure and play-and-learn structure too.

There had been some upgrades in the beta version of Ertha. This upgrade achieved v0.3 which now has a feature for users to level up character skills and real-life knowledge. Quizzers with tonnes of questions have been packed up for competitions that put players up on the leaderboard. The platform is out to serve its players to the max, and Ertha is client-centric. It offers better Performance and quality graphics. It firmly believes that it creates a good launch point for early users of Metaverse and play to earn.

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