Livetree airdrop procedures

As part of our continuous effort to bring you the latest airdrops and ways to earn free cryptocurrency, we are glad to roll out this post, which will focus solely on the livetree airdrop procedures.
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Livetree airdrop procedures Requirements

It would be nice to list the requirement needed for this airdrop to enable you quickly know if you are eligible and ready to proceed. The good news is that all you need is an internet-enabled device and a functioning email address. You can use either your computer or mobile device to execute this.

Livetree airdrop procedures

Livetree is a media streaming platform that is giving away five SED tokens when you sign up and an extra five SED to you whenever anyone signs up through your referral link. So far, there is no cap to the number of people you can refer.
below is the full Livetree airdrop procedures:

  • Visit their website by clicking on this LINK.
  • Click on the Start now button and wait for it to load the pop-up.
  • Choose your preferred method of sign up.
  • Enter your details in the appropriate boxes that are available and click on the Next button.
  • On the next dialog, you can decide to invite your friends via email or click on the Next button.
  • Say a little word about yourself.
  • Name your room with your desired username and click on the save room button.
  • Congratulation, you’ve successfully created your account. Therefore, you are eligible for the airdrop.

Livetree airdrop Worth

It would be wrong for me not to give you an overview of the value of the token that you are applying to get. As at the time of this post, One SED is currently valued at One Dollar. That means that 1SED=$1.
Going by that calculation, it means you will get five dollars for signing up and an extra five dollars for each person you bring into the platform.
You can make as much as you can depending on your referral skills and how good you can convince people to join you.

About Livetree

Livetree is a media platform that enables its users to stream films and interact with each other. It’s a promising platform that has a lot of prospects.

It is worthy of note that they offer a 90 days free trial and upon completion, your SED tokens will be unlocked.
You can also take part in the GCU airdrop that is worth $1500

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