LimonX (LMXC) Airdrop worth $6500

The LimonX (LMXC) Airdrop is now live. The LimonX Airdrop is worth about 6500 dollars. The lucky winners are expected to get about 250 Dollars LMXC each.
There are some rules from their official website. One of those rules is a rule prohibiting airdroppers from asking bounty related questions in their telegram/discord channels.

The total price allocation for bounties is 14400 LMXC, and that amount is valued at 6,500 dollars.

They have both contest and bounties, and it is designed to last for about 321days. The date started today, the 22nd of July, 2019 and will run till the 23rd of August 2019.

It is worthy of note that that the contest price will be paid to eligible winners at the third quarter of 2019 when the Limonx main net has been launched.

LimonX Airdrop team frowns on cheaters and promises to remove points from all fake referrals. Those cheaters won’t just lose the points but may also be faced with disqualification. We strongly advise that you stay clear of counterfeit referrals and cheating.

How to join the LimonX Airdrop

  • Getting started is pretty simple.
  • Visit the airdrop page HERE.
  • Head back to your email and verify.
  • Log in and perform some task to earn entries.
  • Refer people to earn more.

Ways To Earn In The LimonX Airdrop

There are different ways to earn from this airdrop. Some of them include:

Leaderboard Rewards

This is a reward that is based on the performance of the individual involved. Just like the leaderboard in games and real life, the Limonx leaderboard shows a ranking of airdrop individuals based on their activities (referrals) in the community.
The first 25 people based on rankings will go home with prices according to their positions.
The highest-ranking person goes home with 500 LMXC, which is valued at 250 dollars.
The 2nd to 8th ranking individuals goes home with 100 LMXC, which is valued at 50 dollars.
The 9th to 25th ranking individuals will each go home with 50 LMXC, which is valued at 25 dollars each.

Sadly, only 25 persons can benefit from this category, and it is regrettable. We advise you to do your best in other to make it to the top 25.

LimonX Airdrop Random Contest Rewards

The LimonX (LMXC) Airdrop project owners got my heart with this gracious offer. They have promised to randomly pick a whopping 45 number of persons in this category. The 45 people will be gifted 25 LMXC each. That means each of them will go home with free 12.5 dollars.
They didn’t release a statement on the procedures that will be used to pick these random individuals.
I guess it will be on pure luck and I hope you make the list.

Video rewards

This category is made for video lovers. A lot of people are talented in making awesome videos, and this category is basically for them to showcase their talents.
The LimonX Airdrop owners has made provision for users with quality Youtube videos ability to earn something big. However, the videos must promote the LimonX project and not the LimonX bounty program.
In the videos, users are expected to focus on using LimonX as the bridge between the fiat world and the digital world. Users should also highlight other benefits of using the platform, including the ability of users to spend their cryptocurrencies in various marketplaces conveniently.
Talking about the project as a whole, and its use case is an added advantage.
Videos with high quality will be rewarded with a whopping 250 LMXC, which is worth 125 dollars.
Videos with Medium quality will still be compensated with 150 LMXC, which is worth 75 dollars.
However, Videos with bad quality will not be rewarded with anything. That means they will be given zero LMXC for their time and efforts. We advise that you take your time to deliver a good quality video to avoid stories that touch that heart.

I know a lot of you will be thinking of where the videos scoring scheme is located, well, it would be sad to disappoint that we do not have any link to your answer. However, the video quality will be judged by the LimonX team, and only the top one will be paid.

The LimonX Airdrop Team also made it clear on the need of individuals to give original content as plagiarism will only get the user into trouble. Each person is entitled to just one video entry, and the user might be asked for proof of ownership after everything.

I know some users think reading out the website in a video might be accepted, please don’t attempt that. The LimonX team already pleaded with users not to do that.
Our final advice to this category is that users should remember to review the coin and not the bounty, also avoid cheating in other not to be disqualified by the team.

Article Rewards

Different people have different abilities. Some are good marketers and will excel in the referral section. Some are good video creators and will excel in the video rewards section. While some are good writers and they deserve to be allowed to showcase their abilities.
The Article rewards are firmly for those that have a passion for writing.
These set of people are free to write and publish an article on any of the popular blogging platforms or even a personal blog.
In cases where a user does not have a personal website to publish on, users can use any of the known platforms like Steemit, Medium, Linkedln, and other ones.
Just like in the video category, users are expected to write about the coin itself and not the ongoing bounty.
Highlighting the use case of the project and how it can act as a bridge between the digital assets world and the fiat world is an added advantage. Remember to include how LimonX enables its users to have access to numerous marketplaces where their assets can be spent.

The article with the highest quality will be awarded a whopping 200 LMXC which is worth at a hundred dollars while
The other top four articles will be going home with 75 LMXC, which is worth 37.5 dollars each.

Just like the video category, the articles will be judged by the LimonX team. Users are encouraged to submit only original content to avoid disqualification. Referring to the website and whitepaper is also allowed. Just don’t copy and paste it.
Also note that each person is entitled to just one entry, so make it count.

Deposit Bonus

This is the last method to earn from this platform. They are currently giving back 15 percent of the total amount an individual purchases.

NOTE: Payment of Bounties and Contest to all the winners of  LimonX Airdrop will take place within 28 days after the contest has ended.

The Civic Airdrop is still on. you can Visit here for more airdrops.

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