KuCoin $15,000 AMPL Tokens Giveaway

This post is about the latest KuCoin $15,000 AMPL Tokens Giveaway that is currently ongoing.

This is one of the easiest airdrops and this campaign will run from now until 11:00:00 on November 17, 2019 (UTC +1).


Below is a detailed explanation of how the giveaway will be shared.

1. Top 50 Traders: Win a Share of $10,500 AMPL!

The top 50 accounts with the highest trading amounts of AMPL (buys + sells) on KuCoin will win a share of $10,500 AMPL rewards in proportion to their trading amount.

Reward Calculation: Reward for each user = (Each user’s total trading volume / Top 50 users’ total trading volume) × $10,500 AMPL


2. Participation Award: Win a Share of $4,500 AMPL!

A pool of $4,500 AMPL will be evenly split between all qualified traders which have AMPL trading volume (buys + sells) of 500 AMPL or more over the course of the competition period.


For more information, read the official announcement.


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