KryptoRedeem Airdrop Procedures (KRT)

It is always a thing of joy whenever we go through the pain taking procedures to verify and finally accept that an airdrop is fit for our readers. That is why we sometimes take a few more hours before posting a particular airdrop. This post will take you on the step by step guide on how to be a partaker and beneficiary of the KryptoRedeem Airdrop.
You know we will always take time to explain everything that you need to know about any given airdrop to enable you to decide whether you want to apply for it or not.

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KryptoRedeem Airdrop Requirement

The KryptoRedeem Airdrop does not require much. To get the full airdrop amount of 18 KRT, below are the requirements:

  • A functioning Twitter account.
  • A functioning Email address.
  • You will also need an Instagram account.
  • A working Facebook Account.
  • An Active Telegram account.
  • LinkedIn is also needed; you will need an account with them.
  • To earn more, you will need to refer your friends to join the platform through your Link.

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KryptoRedeem Airdrop Procedures

Once you have all the items you need, you can then proceed to the telegram bot to get started.
Below is a step by step guide on how to participate in the KryptoRedeem Airdrop:

  • Chat with the KryptoRedeem Airdrop telegram bot by clicking this LINK.
  • Proof that you are human by performing the given task by the Bot.
  • Click on the Register Task button. You will be required to drop your Ethereum wallet, kindly send your wallet address to the Bot.
  • Sign up on their website provided by the Bot.
  • After signing up, submit the email address that you used while signing up. You will be given 5 KRT for this task.
  • Click on the telegram task. Join the provided channels by the Bot and click done. You will be given 5 KRT for this.
  • Click on the twitter task. Follow and retweet the given links by the Bot. Click done and submit your twitter profile address to the Bot. You will be given 2 KRT for this task.
  • Click on facebook task. Like and share the given facebook page and post. Click done and submit your facebook profile link to the Bot. You will get 2 KRT for this task.
  • Click on the Instagram task.¬†Follow, like and comment on the given links. Click done and submit your Instagram profile link. You will be given 2 KRT for this task.
  • Click on the LinkedIn task. Follow and share the given links. Click done and submit your LinkedIn profile link. You will get 2 KRT for this task.
  • Get your referral link and share to friends for a chance to earn 9 KRT ($5) once they pass the above process too.

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NOTE: The airdrop is valid from 15th of August to 15th of October 2019. The airdrop is expected to be distributed 14 days after the airdrop. There will be an additional six month lock period for all tokens gotten from the airdrop.


About KryptoRedeem

KryptoRedeem is a platform that hopes to help eCommerce and retail outlets to increase their customer engagement through the help of blockchain-based loyalty and rewards programs. The pre-ICO is expected to start on the 26th of August 2019 with an ICO price of 0.56 dollars per KRT. There will be a 30% bonus on all purchases during this period.
Residents in the United States of America, China and North Korea are not expected to participate in this airdrop.

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