Khipu Airdrop Procedures

We are conscious of the needs of our readers and are continuously looking for ways that you can earn cryptocurrency free online. Our aim of giving you free ways to earn cryptocurrency has consistently made up stay in search of a quality airdrop for our users. We are happy to announce the commencement of the Khipu Airdrop.

Just before I take you deep into the Khipu (KIP) Airdrop procedures, remember to check the Civic Airdrop, the LimonX airdrop and how to earn free cryptocurrency through airdrops. You can also read our article on why we believe that the blockchain technology is truly the future.

Without wasting much of your time, let us get straight to business.

Khipu Airdrop procedure

The Procedures for the Khipu Airdrop is very straight forward. You can be done in less than five minutes. All they require is for you to perform some social task to earn 65 entries. You can also make use of their referral programme to earn an extra 100 entries. The total entry that an individual can get is 165 entries.

Step-by-step procedure for the Khipu Airdrop

  • Visit the Airdrop page and sign up with any of the provided medium.
  • Follow and retweet all the given tweets.
  • Join their Telegram group.
  • Subscribe to their Reddit Account.
  • Writing a blog post will also give you added points.
  • Refer people.

Endeavor to put your wallet address while signing up.

About Khipu

It won’t be nice if I fail to tell you about the platform itself. Below is an extract from one of the Khipu Airdrop documents.

“Khipu is developed and maintained by Team. It is built on earlier work on Mantis by Grothendieck Team but supports ETH.

Distributed search engine based on khipu blockchain will become the “decentralization” point to point communication directly sharing platform of economy, application blockchain distributed books encourage communities to participants, not centralized management and operation platform, application of intelligent contract automatically city regulation compliance to respect the government and the community, to two or more things pratt &whitney, compliance to obey the law and efficiency. Then the union community of computing power distributed to complete the big MAC centralized processing tasks, become no company or individual control of the search engine, the search engine back to the people.’

Khipu Airdrop Announcement post

I was also lucky to stumble on their announcement document, and below is the full content from the document.

  • Earn KIP tokens by engaging in our community and complete related tasks!
    (Excluding US Customers)
  • The event will run for two months, from 10 a.m. EDT July 11th, 2019 to 10 a.m. EDT September 11th, 2019
    Up to 300,000 KIP tokens are available for all the participants!
  • Join the Kiphu bounty for free now and refer 100+ friends for the chance to earn additional KIP tokens!
    Ways to Contribute
    (Ratio of KIP token to valid Gleam entry = 1:10)

Instructions and Rules

1. How do I join the Khipu Community Campaign?
Sign up with Gleam and contribute to our new community.

2. What are the rules?

  • You must continue to be subscribed to the official Kiphu channels through the event period to receive your contribution points.
  • If you are banned from an official channel for violating rules, you will not receive any points from the event.
  • To receive valid gleam entries for the following social tasks, you must enter your real social platform ID account.
  • The number displayed under “Your Entries” in the Gleam system is for participants’ reference only. Any invalid entry detected from our support team will be removed before the final lottery.
  • 5 KIP tokens (50 entries) will be the minimum requirement for the bounty token reward distribution.
  • To ensure fairness of the event, our team will verify the completion status of each user’s actions during the event and have full rights to decide the validity of each action.
  • The use of bots or any other actions found to be fraudulent/scam will lead to disqualification from the event and will not receive any valid contribution point, including but not limited to:
    Use of Bot
    More than 3 of the same entries from an IP without a social login;
    Shared the same IP/device without a social login; Etc.


A plagiarism detection system will be applied to all submitted blog posts. Participants are encouraged to refer to resources provided that are related to Kiphu, but 30% or higher similarity will be detected as plagiarism.

3. Task-specific instructions

  • “Like, retweet daily post and make a meaningful comment.”
    Our team has full rights to select the best meaningful replies for each twitter post, and the winner will be replied and confirmed by our team.
    Winner needs to direct message us your USDT address on Twitter within 24 hours to claim the $10 rewards.
  • “Follow our Medium”
    Please make sure you put down your real Medium username.
  • “Subscribe to our Reddit”
    Please make sure you put down your real Reddit username.
  • “Refer valid friends to participate.” Our system will automatically filter out bots and accounts with the same IP address. Only valid referral will be counted
  • “Join the Kiphu Aidrop Telegram channel.”
    Please make sure you put down your full Telegram username (with @).
  • “Become an active member of the Telegram community.”
  • During the event period, be active for at least 20 days and send at least 20 positive messages (not include “Hi” or “Hello”) in total; Users frequently posting “Hi” or “Hello” will be kicked from the group.
  • For those users join the Telegram in less than ten days when the event ends, users only need to send at least 30 positive messages in total.
  • Participate in meaningful discussion.
  • “Write an original blog post to share your opinion about Khipu ( Reddit, Medium, Bitcointalk and Steemit only)” Enter the URL of your completed original blog post (Need to write about Kiphue, min. 200 words; original content only, no plagiarism allowed);

The Khipu Airdrop team will strictly review your article for quality, only participants with submission pass our verification process will receive full 100 contribution points;”

To learn more about Khipu, Visit Website:

I hope the above information is enough to guide you through the airdrop process. Make sure to do everything as instructed and most importantly, remember to input your wallet address.

feel free to talk to us about your experience and thoughts on the Khipu Airdrop through the comments section.

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