Is XRP price increase possible after SEC lawsuit?

According to the “XRP Researcher”, the XRP worth might increase by 2000% after the SEC suit
World illustrious YouTuber Daniel Keem bought one million XRP price $276,600 to take advantage of a Ripple-favoring outcome of the SEC cause.

Is XRP price increase possible after SEC lawsuit?
The U.S.A. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) cause against Ripple Labs has massively hurt XRP investors. once the suit was declared shortly before Christmas, the XRP worth crashed by 0.5. albeit the value has shown some recovery since then, the continued negative headlines concerning delistings is depressing the market sentiment around XRP.

While alternative altcoins like Cardano or Polkadot are posting triple-digit gains, XRP is presently bobbing below the $0.30 mark. Polkadot (DOT) has already overtaken XRP by market cap, and Cardano (ADA) is on the verge of doing that. However, 2 market participants claim that the pendulum will swing once the SEC cause is shelved.

Can XRP rise over two,000% once the lawsuit?
True to the investment knowledge of “not following the gang” or commerce against crowd psychology. 2 community area predict a colossal increase if Ripple settles or wins the cause with the SEC. The YouTuber “XRP Right Now” told his 26,600 followers on Twitter that a worth recovery is due.

The “XRP Researcher” pointed to the superb performance of the KIN token once Kik survived its battle against the SEC. Once the legal battle with SEC was concluded, case won, allowing token to be classified as security, KIN increased 2,000%.

If Ripple is victorious in court, all exchanges that suspended commerce of XRP area unitexpected to reverse their choices.  more than KIN was traded XRP, the impact will be bigger.

Is XRP price increase possible after SEC lawsuit?

I want everybody to admit this…KIN went up 2000%. KIN isnt listed on nearly as several exchanges as XRP

What does onesupposegoes to happen to #XRP once we get clarity? 2000% x multiplier….#xrp understand what you hold

— XRP scientist | XRP capitalist(@XRPNews_) Janeight, 2021

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