How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency Through Airdrops

This post is dedicated to people who are yet to discover how to earn free cryptocurrency through Airdrops.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency as a whole are already making a lot of individuals smile to the bank with different packages. The popular belief out there entails that an individual must have a huge sum of capital before he can own a coin. Someone once asked me the price of Bitcoin, and I told him the current price as at then. I was shocked when he shouted and said, “this Crypto is truly not for the broke set of people like us. I was thinking of earning something, but I guess it was not for me”. All I did was to explain more to him. I tried to show him the beauty of buying in decimals. It took a while before he could finally get to understand that he could be a bitcoin owner with a little amount.

This blog is committed to making sure that I continuously try to publish items that would help your Crypto career while helping you learn how to Earn Free Cryptocurrency Through Airdrops. It’s not going to be easy, but we hope to be your number one Crypto blog in few months to come.

Guess it’s time to head back to the topic, my apologies for the digression.
Earning Free Cryptocurrency Through Airdrops in today’s Crypto world is not as hard as people think. All it needs is your commitment, consistency, and access to the right information.
My previous post talked about ways you can earn free cryptocurrency through the Steemit platform. Head over here to read the post if you are yet to do that.

This post will be considering ways that you can Earn Free Cryptocurrency Through Airdrops. At this point, I would love you to pay close attention to this article from here onward.

Earn Free Cryptocurrency Through Airdrops

What is Airdrops

Airdrops are just another way of making free money in the Crypto world. It involves the process whereby projects with the help of their token can market their product to a large number of people in the Crypto world. Airdrops is a marketing strategy that brings a lot of brand awareness and investors. It is sometimes the best way to form the first true community of any given project.

Sometimes projects may decide to give out free tokens to everyone in possession of a certain coin at their discretion. This kind of airdrop is always my favourite because I don’t get to perform any task before getting the token. Recently, the Pal coin was airdropped to me because I had a Steem account. I did not do any task for it.

However, some airdrops might need more than just the user holding a particular project. These always come with their terms and conditions. They always have a list of task for the users to perform before the tokens can’t be sent across. These tasks are sometimes easy in some cases and can be so tedious in others. The primary task that is common in most airdrops include:

  • Liking a Twitter post.
  • Following a Twitter handle.
  • Joining a Discord group.
  • Joining a Telegram group.
  • Liking a Facebook page.
  • Making a Facebook post.
  • Submitting your wallet address.

Why do project owners airdrop their token

You must be thinking of why project owners give out such amounts of tokens to thousands of people for free. I once asked myself the same question when I started back then. The truth is that most of these projects that roll out their token in forms of airdrops are new projects, and they need to build a community of holders. A higher percentage of the tokens usually has little or no value as at the time of the airdrop. So giving out the token as at that stage brings people closer to the project. There is a famous saying that where a man’s heart is where His money is. That means the community members who are now holders of the coin can now comfortably work towards the promotion of the coin. A lot of people will do their quarter to give the coin value since they are also holders.

Another reason is that airdrops create massive awareness for the community. In some cases that joining a community group is required, potential investors are allowed to interact with other members of the community. This interaction helps the investors to analyze the future of the token, and that can lead to a massive investment.

Airdrops also help the project to grow genuine followers in their social followers. A lot of people might not understand the need of having genuine followers. Having genuine followers helps you better engage with them, their feedback and support help the project grow.

Some airdrops also serve as means of the project owners saying thank you to their loyal community, especially the early birds. This kind of airdrops encourages the community to hodl for a more extended period of time.

Does all airdrop boom?

I know I said you could earn cryptocurrency through airdrops, but I must add that not all airdrops will lead to Lambo. We have witnessed the abandonment of so many projects in this our little Crypto world and I cannot guarantee that all your airdrops will Lambo.
However, If you are consistent in filling airdrop forms and also abiding by their rules, Earning free cryptocurrencies are assured. Any of them might make it pass a dollar one day.

Are airdrops worth trying?

I highly recommend you to start filling forms whenever you have any spare time. You might not see the immediate result as in the case of Byteball airdrop where users could trade immediately. Just keep the faith, and one of your tokens might just deliver a few thousands of dollars to your account. Not too long will all witness how Bomb token made a lot of people richer with a few thousands of dollars.
Remember airdrops are free. Therefore it’s a good way to spend your free time and Earn Free Cryptocurrency Through Airdrops

Earn Free Cryptocurrency Through Airdrops By Filling Airdrops Forms

Filling the form itself is most times self explanatory. All you have to do is follow their instructions. Never forget to input your wallet address at the appropriate place. Airdrops can be found in most of the projects social media handles. We will soon save you the stress by making sure with get all the latest airdrop to the Airdrop category of this blog.


I have benefited from airdrops in the past. My only regrets are the ones that I didn’t get to fill. A lot of them keep making people money as time goes. Lately, I have been filling a lot of forms, and I will be sharing them to all interested people in the Airdrop category. I suggest you start filling those forms in other to get those free tokens.

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