Google restores MetaMask On Google Play

Google has finally gone back on its decision to remove MetaMask from its Google Play Store. This decision as gone a long way to prove that Google is not really against the Crypto world as many had started circulating.

MetaMask had on December 26th 2019made a tweet telling its followers that Google had delisted them from their web store. Below is extracted from tweets from MetaMask official twitter account about the incident.

In the last week, the MetaMask Android client was suspended by the Google Play App Store

. They cited their policy that bans mining on mobile, which we don’t. Appeal rejected. #ProtectWeb3.”

The appeal rejection cited the same policy: No mining on

. We don’t. It’s unclear whether the reviewer doesn’t understand the policy, or whether they are enforcing an unwritten policy. Either way, it’s time to #ProtectWeb3.”

This isn’t the first time

spontaneously blocked our crypto wallet. Our community spoke loudly then, and we were spontaneously re-listed. Users are the final say in what a mobile platform respects, and so it’s time to #ProtectWeb3.”

This isn’t the only sudden and unexplained ban that

has issued this week. There was also a sudden ban of many #crypto

accounts. Google may be testing the crypto community’s resolve. #ProtectWeb3

So please, speak out, and show Google that you will not support a platform that censors disintermediation. Plenty of other great browsers out there with


. Some nice YouTube alternatives are coming around, too:”

If left banned, we will be working on other ways of bringing our services to users still stranded on the

platform while they migrate to something more free. The story will not stop here, and it certainly won’t stop with the Goliath winning. #ProtectWeb3

However, MetaMask on January 1st, 2019 released another tweet stating that Google had rectified and restored their app. Below is the tweet:
“Happy New Year! Upon careful consideration, Google has permitted The MetaMask mobile app back on the Google Play (Android) store! Thanks to all the believers in an open web for speaking out in our support!”
This means users can now download MetaMask from google play store.

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