Global Currency Unit (GCU) Airdrop procedures

It is nice to be back with another exciting post on the procedures to undertake in other to be a partaker of the Global Currency Unit airdrop. This airdrop is mostly known as GCU airdrop. The GCU airdrop is just a short form for Global Currency Airdrop. They both mean the same thing. I had to make the above clarification to avoid the confusion that a lot of people are facing. The Global currency unit airdrop is worth up to 25,000 GCU valued at a whopping $1500 in today’s market. We are committed in showing you how to earn free cryptocurrency through airdrops.

Requirements for the Global currency Unit airdrop

The GCU airdrop is one of the easiest airdrops that I have come across. The only thing required is your email address that would be required during the sign-up process. You also have to have a password in mind.
Another thing I discovered is the fact that you’ll be required to have about eight referrals. That means you’ll need to share your link and hope eight of your friends sign up with your link.

Procedures for the GCU airdrop

The process is straight forward, follow the steps below to get started:

  • Visit and register for the GCU airdrop by visiting their official webpage through this LINK.
  • Login and copy your referral code.
  • Share your referral link with friends and on social media. You will get an email from the Global currency Unit airdrop team once eight people have successfully sign-up through your link. After the email, you will be able to tick the payout box, and you can send them your Ethereum wallet address.
  • Once you have pasted your ethereum wallet, you can then click on the ‘send me GCU button.’
  • Payment may take up to two working days.

An individual can earn up to twenty-five thousand GCU which is valued at $1500

Airdrop sharing formula

The first ten thousand supporters will get a whopping 25, 000 GCUs valued at $1500
Those that fall in the next ninety thousand supporters will go home with 5,000 GCUs valued at $300 each.
The Next 900,000 will each get a thousand GCUs valued at sixty dollars. Email sample after registration

I decided to attach a copy of the welcome email I got from the team after my sign-up. Below is the email I got “Congratulations! You are now successfully registered for the GCU airdrop
Welcome to the GCU airdrop. You have been registered for the GCU airdrop and have an exciting opportunity to receive up to 25,000 free GCU tokens. To receive GCUs, all you need to do is to complete a few elementary steps.Do not forget that you have only two days to have eight registrations starting from now on.
Firstly, there are three options for how you can invite other people to register. You can do it directly either via WhatsApp or by sending the link through any other platform or by using our GCU mail service.
Using WhatsApp: click on the open WhatsApp button. WhatsApp in your phone or, if you are using a computer, on your browser will open. Choose as many contacts as you want and send the message. The recipient will open the link and register.
Using a link: click on the Copy link button. Open any platform (Facebook, Email, Viber, Skype, Telegram…), paste it, and send it.
Using the GCU mail service: Type as many email addresses as you want into the field. Press Send via the GCU button. We will send the link to the recipients.
Altogether you need eight people to register. You can combine ways of inviting others with each other.
When eight people register, you will have the right to receive GCUs. You will receive an email, and the payout box will unlock. You can paste your Ethereum address. Click on the Send me GCU button. And we will automatically send GCUs to you within two days.
If you do not have an Ethereum wallet yet, you can create one, for example here:
In case of any questions, please contact our support

Your GCU team.”

About Global Currency Unit Airdrop

GCU airdrop is an airdrop from Global currency unit which claims to be the hottest cryptocurrency with a lot of well-positioned values. It can serve as a mode of payments for the crypto-DAT trading platform, can be used as an asset for trading on exchanges and also can be used to fund brokerage accounts.

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