Emerge To Fight Coronavirus With Blockchain Technology

Several good news keeps rolling in concerning the use cases of the blockchain technology just as Emerge intends to use the technology to combat the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Canadian startup intends to deploy its Supply chain Solution known as Theseus to tackle heightened demand for medical supplies and medication.

Emerge made this known via a medium post from their medium handle.

Below is an extract from the medium post. The link to the full post will be provided at the end of this post.

“Theseus is built for that task. A logistics system that tracks, traces, and optimizes the global movement of goods, Theseus offersend-to-end traceability via a tracking solution with QR tags, RFID, and smart sensors that enable regulators and supply chain stakeholders to achieve complete and near-real time visibility into their products’ entire journey. Backed by blockchain technology, Theseus improves the speed, reliability, efficiency, transparency, and traceability of entire supply chains, from producers to shippers all the way to end users.”

We are also deploying Theseus to improve food supply chains. Considering the many challenges facing those supply chains during the COVID-19 crisis, those upgrades are sorely needed.

Tighter border controls risk slowing down shipments, enhancing the need for real-time tracking and quality control to guard against spoilage. Frightened shoppers are hoarding items, leading to constrained supply and potential supply chain overload. And countries’ economies are slowing down due to COVID-19, impeding their ability to produce the goods consumers need.”

“Finally, we’re deploying Trusted Voices, a blockchain-based platform that addresses the goals of media transparency and accuracy. Trusted Voices empowers, amplifies, and protects story-tellers, witnesses, and academic/scientific research, providing an immutable chain of custody for the source material used in today’s digitally native world.”

Read the full Medium post by clicking Here.




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