DigiByte Still Trading On Poloniex Exchange

Its been days since we first got to know that Poloniex, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, has recently said it will remove DigiByte (DGB) from its platform. It was reported that the exchange responded to a tweet by the founder of DigiByte, Jared Tate who publicly criticized Poloniex and TRON. The latter, the cryptocurrency platform of Justin Sun, is said to have invested in the Poloniex exchange. 

Poloniex announced in an official message that DigiByte will soon be removed from the platform. In the message, the exchange announced that it would delist DigiByte because the cryptocurrency did not meet the requirements; which is striking because the message follows after Tate’s statements. For the community the incident is clear and the removal of DigiByte has to do with the statements of Tate.


Days after, I went to the platform and found out that DGB is still trading on the platform. Poloniex is yet to tell us when it will delist DGB but we hope they sort out their differences before it affects the users.


Below is the tweet from Jared Tate

1/8 Im disgusted by all these #TRON trolls/bots attacking me & hyping a 100% premined & completely centralized network like its the most decentralized gift from god. Now #Poloniex has turned into a $TRX shill factory after making off w/ US customers sensitive data. Fact time:

2/8 After writing

& doing a survey of existing #blockchain protocols it became painfully clear how much this tech has been perverted & hijacked by extremely misleading platforms like #TRON masquerading under the flag of #decentralization.

4/8 #TRON runs on a grand total of 27 “Super Representative” nodes mostly controlled by Sun and the Tron Foundation using DPoS. In fact it’s so centralized the former Tron CTO Lucien Chen quit because he said the network had become excessively centralized.
5/8 Chen said this: “Token distribution is centralized, Super Representatives are centralized, code development is centralized. Even the community is organized under centralization.” This is typical for DPoS projects, we call it “delighted proof of shenanigans” in the book.
6/8 Nothing about Tron is unique other than a few gambling apps and the marketing hype and paid Twitter bots. They even copied most of the white paper. With a 100% premine you can afford to pay reporters, listing fees & market makers to wash trade for you.
7/8 So why am I speaking up now? After writing #blockchain2035 #TRON was the most blatant con job we saw after diving into 100s of projects and #blockchain protocols. And then

sold #Poloniex to Sun.

8/8 I am royally pissed my personal data, my friends and families data and other US #DigiByte customers most sensitive data is now in the hands of this circus that is now #Poloniex. Or the $TRX shill factory as we should now call it. Thanks

9/9 This just came to my attention. Binance controls 56% of Tron voting power. So between CZ & Sun they can control 25 of 27 nodes. #blockchain cronyism at its finest. Centralized theater: twitter.com/crainbf/status

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