Deloitte Luxembourg Staffs to Buy Lunch With Bitcoin

Deloitte Luxembourg will have its employees pay with bitcoin (BTC) for their lunch as part of a test. This is according to an article from the Luxembourg Times of 17 September.

We in the crypto world have been constantly fighting for the general acceptance of cryptocurrency by the masses. One of the ways this can be achieved is by making people see the need to use cryptocurrency in their day to day activities. 

One sure way of promoting the project is by making people use cryptocurrency as a means of payment. I am glad to announce that we have made another progress in that aspect.


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A Deloitte office in Canada already did such a test in 2017, but the volatility of the bitcoin rate increased sharply shortly thereafter. As a result, that test was aborted. Now that the exchange rate seems to be more stable, Deloitte Luxembourg will once again test the cryptocurrency.

Employees can pay for lunch with bitcoin. In this way, the company hopes to offer its employees a good opportunity to become acquainted with the technology and to investigate it. Laurent Collet, a partner of the Deloitte consulting branch, said to the Luxembourg times:

We think it’s a good way for our employees to review this new technology,


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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is nothing new for Deloitte. The big four audit company works together with three Irish banks in a test of a blockchain solution. This was apparent from a press release that was released last May.

The blockchain solution that the company tests together with the banks help with several data processes. The solution was developed on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Another Luxembourg branch of a big four audit company, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) accepts cryptocurrency as a payment method. Customers of the company can now pay for services with cryptocurrency, according to an announcement published in early September.


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