The crypto market has been experiencing some positive rallies since the week, this rally features Bitcoin (BTC) currently trading at $24,497 although struggling to stay above 24 thousand (at the time of writing). In other news, the renowned Cryptocurrency exchange for crypto digital assets, Coinbase, has announced that it had the intention of including the Near protocol’s native token in its Roadmap for future listings.

As a result of the announcement by Coinbase, the native token of the protocol, NEAR, rocketed on the charts by a whopping 11% as of August 10. This goes a long way to show what this token listing holds for the future of NEAR and Its protocol.


Like any application which has the ability to operate autonomously through smart contracts on the Blockchain, the NEAR protocol is also one. The NEAR Protocol is another kind of decentralized application (DApp) that was built to aid developers and also easy comprehension for users. NEAR runs on its native token; NEAR, which is adopted for transactions, Storage on the platform. The NEAR protocol runs on a public Proof-of-Stake consensus. This means users/Communities have to stake or lock in some of their tokens into the Blockchain to facilitate operations and security.

Some features of NEAR, among others, include:
• Readable account names
• Interaction with Dapp for new users without a wallet

The platform sees its aim as being the structure that leads the provision of web3 infrastructure with a set-aside approach Which Developers and users find very friendly and adaptive.
What future does NEAR have on Coinbase?


It is a known fact that in the crypto space when users want to buy into or invest in various digital assets, they go forth to check the market behavior and details of the asset or token before investing or casting their lot. Coinbase is one of those platforms, where users obtain relevant asset data.

But on the Primary side, Coinbase is basically a cryptocurrency trading platform (exchange) It gives its users access to buy, sell and transact with over 100 crypto assets on the Blockchain. Its users stand at a giant number of 98million and a net total of assets worth $256 billion.

Coinbase provides support for buying, selling, and exchanging of over 100 Cryptocurrencies and the newest addition to the list is NEAR.

The anticipated listing of NEAR on Coinbase is a partnership that would propel the protocol to newer heights, as already seen by the Bullish chart despite the bear. Upon commencement, holders of NEAR would be able to transact their tokens to others.

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