Co-Dex Airdrop procedures

I am back with another simple airdrop for you guys. This airdrop which is known as the Co-Dex airdrop is currently worth 12.50 dollars according to its airdrop bot. This post will take you on a step by step guide on how you can finish this airdrop in less than ten minutes.
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Requirements for the Co-dex airdrop

Co-dex airdrop requires basic things. They include:
  • A working email address.
  • An Ethereum wallet address.
  • A twitter account.
  • A Facebook account.
  • A Reddit account.
  • A discord account.
  • A working telegram account.
Once you have all those accounts, then all you need is your brain and an internet-enabled device to claim this airdrop.

Co-dex Airdrop procedures

I promised to take you on a detailed step by step guide, that is exactly what I will do. Below is a comprehensive step by step guide on how to perform the co-dex airdrop:
  • Visit the Airdrop bot by click on this LINK.
  • Click on the ‘start’ button.
  • A list of available languages will pop up, select the one that you understand best.
  • You will get a message from the bot with an overview of what you are expected to do and the tokens attached to each task.
  • After reading the welcome message, click on the ‘start bounty’
  • The bot will send you the co-dex airdrop terms and conditions.
  • Click yes if they satisfy you with the terms and conditions.
  • In other to combat bot, a simple mathematical problem will be given to you. Kindly solve it and input the answer. It is worth noting that you have just three attempts for this.
  • Follow them on Twitter and retweet their last post. Paste the link in your bot chat.
  • Follow them on facebook and make a short post about them. Paste your post link in the bot chat.
  • Follow them on steemit and paste your profile link in the bot chat.
  • Follow them on Reddit and paste your profile link in your bot chat.
  • Join them on discord and paste your profile link in the bot chat.
  • Drop your Ethereum wallet.
  • Enter your email and address.
  • You will get a thank-you message from the bot. The message contains all your captured information and your referral link.
  • You will get an extra 50COD1 for each referral.

Co-dex Airdrop Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions reads “Read Carefully

Terms and Conditions

1. You have to follow the steps above to qualify.

2. Using multiple accounts, cheating, or spamming is not allowed and will result in a ban. Violating these terms will bring about the immediate forfeiture of any and all airdrop or bounty related earnings, the entries being automatically disqualified.
3. We reserve the rights to make changes to any rules regarding this airdrop campaign at any time.
4. All airdrop tokens will be distributed after the IDO.
Click “Yes” to proceed.”

Co-dex Airdrop welcome message

Hello, (your telegram name)!

Welcome to Co-DEX Airdrop Bot. Get 250 COD1 tokens for free, equivalent to 12.50 USD, just for joining our airdrop. Please follow the step by step requirements mentioned below, to participate in our airdrop. You must complete the steps to be eligible for receiving any of the rewards.

1) Join Telegram Group – 40 COD1 tokens
2) Join Telegram Announcement Channel – 40 COD1 tokens
3) Follow & Retweet Our Twitter 40 COD1 tokens
4) Follow & Like Our Facebook Fanspage 30 COD1 tokens
5) Follow Our Steemit 40 COD1 tokens
6) Follow Our Reddit 30 COD1 tokens
7) Join Discord Channel 30 COD1 tokens
Press “Start bounty” button to start the bounty campaign
Note: All the links to their handles have been provided by the Chatbots.
They also require you to stay in all their groups until the disbursement of the airdrop.
You will get your co-dex airdrop after the IDO.

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About Co-dex

Co-dex is a Decentralized exchange that is created for the community by the community. It hopes to achieve zero fees on all transactions, excluding the miner’s fees. One good feature is the peer-to-peer trading in which two users trade on their terms without the need of a third-party agent.
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