Civic Airdrop Procedures


In line with our commitment towards bringing you free ways to earn cryptocurrency, it is a pleasure to announce the Civic Airdrop and also highlight its procedures.
Airdrops remain one of the best ways to earn free cryptocurrency. It involves the process of earning some free token from performing a few tasks.

In the case of the civic airdrop, referral is the primary way of earning a good amount of tokens. I know some people are wondering how they are going to get referrals for this airdrop. It all depends on your social abilities and the friends you keep. For example, if you have a lot of Crypto minded friends, it is easier to share your referral link to them through your Facebook post, a tweet on twitter, an Instagram post, and a WhatsApp status. For airdrops, I would advise you to select and identify all your Crypto friends on your WhatsApp messenger list. Once you’ve identified them, you then create a broadcast. Creating a WhatsApp broadcast involves the process of sending a particular message to a specific group of people with just one click. It is straightforward to set up.

Broadcast or groups?

A lot of people prefer to create a group for them. Creating groups is a good idea, but I believe that the broadcast message works better. I have my reasons for my opinion. The main reason is the fact that a broadcast message delivers to all the selected contacts in their inbox as if you sent them a private message. People tend to take a private message more serious because it is a personal way of reaching out to people. Most people don’t even spend much time in groups while others might opt out of the group notification by muting it. Try the above methods in the Civic Airdrop and notice how your referrals will surge than the usual numbers.

This post was about the civic airdrop and not how to increase your referrals. My apologies if you think I digressed a little. Since earning on this airdrop was centered on referrals, I could not help but share the above information to help you earn more token from the project. I hope to see you all in the top five hundred rankings.
Don’t forget to check our Airdrop category for all available airdrops, and you can check our post on how to earn free cryptocurrency from blogging. Without wasting more of your time, let’s get to the primary purpose of this post.

About Civic airdrop

The Civic airdrop, which is worth about twenty-five thousand CVC tokens, is aimed at bringing people to download and use their new cutting edge identity verification technology. Civic promises to use this latest technology they have to protect all their user’s information transfer. Civic has a token known as Civic with the abbreviation as CVC. It is this CVC that they will be airdropping to users who make the ranking range. The good news is that as at the time of this post, Civic is already trading on CoinMarketCap for 0.05 dollars per token.

How to get the civic airdrop

This is an essential part of this post. You need to know that the only way to get the Civic Airdrop is to join their application wait-list and invite your friends to do same. The more friends you bring, they more they will shoot you up the ladder and the higher the referral ladder, the higher your airdrop amount.
Below is a step by step guide on how to join the wait-list and get your referral link:

  • Visit the Civic airdrop page by clicking HERE.
  • Click on the ‘I’m in’ button, as shown below.

civic airdrop

  • Input your first name, last name, email address, select your country, tick the box in front of the “I agree to be contacted about the civic wallet pre-launch and to the campaign terms of service and privacy policy. Click on ‘I’m in!’ to submit your request.

civic airdrop

  • A verification email will be sent to the email address that you provided, kindly head over there to your inbox to verify your email address by simply clicking on the link sent to you.
  • Then check your mail regularly for their mail where you will be asked to download their application. Encourage your referrals to do the same.

How to earn big on Civic Airdrop

The key to earning more token is simply by having a decent number of referrals. Apply the steps I gave at the beginning of this blog post, and you will see an increase in your referrals. Just in case you forgot, below is a recap of how to earn more referrals:

  • Make a tweet on your twitter handle with your referral link.
  • Also make a post on your Facebook page with your referral link.
  • Make a post on your Instagram page with your referral link.
  • Add your referral link to your WhatsApp story and also create a broadcast to your contacts with it.
  • Post it in crypto-related groups.

Ranking and their rewards

The Civic project owners have been kind enough to show us what we expect in the ranking aspects.
Below are their official rankings and their rewards.

  • For people that rank within 1-500, each of them will be credited with a whopping twenty-five thousand (25,000) CVC tokens. Congratulations to you if you make it to this category.
  • People that rank within 501-5,000 will each go home with five thousand (5,000) CVC tokens each.
  • Those within 5,001-25,000 will each go home with a thousand (1,000) CVC token.
  • Finally, those that fall within 25,001-100,000 will each receive five hundred (500) CVC tokens. Still better than nothing.


Some points to note about the Civic Airdrop

There are some points that I must tell you about this airdrop before I forget.
Below are some of them:
The airdrop is not available for all countries. Example, people from Algeria, Bolivia, Columbia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, UAE, and the United States are not allowed to participate in this promotion.

Also, note that the CVC token will be locked for a certain number of months before it can be released for your usage.


The Civic Airdrop is another way to earn free money, and I hope you will key into this opportunity. It is time-sensitive, the earlier you join, the better chances you get.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us through the comment box.

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