OPTION SWING TRADING   – The Trend is Your Friend The second way is to first identify an emerging trend and then wait for a pullback on a trending stock. Broadly speaking, you need a signal that indicates whether the financial instrument is in an uptrend or downtrend. For this, a favorite tool …

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  Option Swing Trading – A Safe and Highly Profitable Trading Strategy Option Swing Trading focuses on using one of the oldest and most popular trading methods for trading the markets. BENEFITS  OF OPTION SWING TRADING: Option Swing Trading takes advantage of short term moves in share prices and uses the leverage available in options …


Much ado about Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange just as other physical currencies such as the United States dollars, Nigerian Naira, and what have you. The only difference is that cryptocurrency is digital and cannot be seen or touched like paper money. It uses digital security features such as encryption and Cryptography to avoid counterfeiters and fraud, secure transactions, and generate its units of currency.

Reasons Ethereum 2.0 Will Create Economic Shift

Ethereum 2.0

The long-awaited Ethereum 2.0 is drawing closer and a lot of expectations has been drawn towards what might likely be the outcome of the network upgrade. Metacartel Ventures partner, Adam Cochran, has conducted in-depth research into Ethereum’s economic potential and how the next iteration of the platform could be a game-changer. Adam’s made this known …

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Ransomware Attack: Travelex Loses 285 Bitcoin

Ransomware attack

It’s another sad event in the Crypto world as ransomware hackers successfully drag cryptocurrency in a negative way again as Travelex loses 285 Bitcoin to a Ransomware attack. A report from WSJ has it that less than three months before the owner of the world’s largest chain of money-exchange shops unravelled in an accounting and …

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Bitcoin Exchange Boost Coronavirus Fight With Donation

Bitcoin exchange

Famous Bitcoin exchange has boosted the fight against coronavirus by donating a whopping five Million dollars to the course. The giant Cryptocurrency exchange has said that it would spend 2.4 million dollars on securing medical devices to help fight the pandemic. This was made public by The CEO of the Bitcoin Exchange during the Ask …

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