Captain Bitcoin Giveaway

The Captain Bitcoin giveaway is now live and  50 lucky winners of the draw will walk away with a hundred dollars each.

Click Here to SignUp for the Captain Bitcoin Giveaway.


Here is a message I got from my dashboard. ”

Captain Bitcoin is currently running a competition giving away $15,000 in Bitcoin and millions of Captain tokens to his earliest adopters. The competition is simple and users can win rewards of up to $2,500 in Bitcoin by simply sharing the below referral links with their family, friends, and followers.


Each successful referral increases your chances of winning Bitcoin and as a thank you, you will additionally earn 1,000 Captain tokens.”

More referrals mean you are more likely to be a winner at the Captain Bitcoin Giveaway.

Recall that I did mention in my post that there will be a Captain Bitcoin Giveaway where lucky people will walk away with prices.

Here is an extract from the first announcement in July 2019: ”

3. The First Draw

Once we’ve hit our user sign up goal, we’ll launch our first draw and distribute $5,000 in Bitcoin in draws of $100 to fifty of our community members.

So 50 x $100 give away.

Again, you’ll increase your chances of winning the more friends you refer to the platform.

You can read more about how our draw mechanic works here.”

So get to work and invite people to signup on the platform for a chance to be a lucky winner.

Click Here to SignUp for the Captain Bitcoin Giveaway.


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