Captain Bitcoin Airdrop Procedures

It’s nice to be back with another free opportunity to earn some cryptocurrency. The Captain Bitcoin airdrop is a pre-launch giveaway in other to drive awareness to the project. The project is expected to launch once they attain a user base of a hundred thousand people.

The Captain Bitcoin Airdrop comes in tiers. The first tier is for the first one thousand people who successfully sign up. The first tier will be airdropped twenty thousand Capt tokens each for signing up.

The second tier involves people who sign up and are among the next two thousand people. Everyone in this category will get ten thousand Capt tokens each.

The third tier involves people who sign up and are among the next four thousand. These set of users will be given five thousand Capt tokens each.

If you notice, you will see that it follows the halving process. The process will continue until all the tokens have been shared.

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Captain Bitcoin airdrop procedures

Captain Bitcoin airdrop is one of the simplest airdrops so far. All you need to do is to sign up. Below is a step by step guide on how to register and participate in this airdrop:

  • Visit the Captain Bitcoin airdrop page by clicking here.
  • Click the Sign-up button.
  • Input your details, including a password that you can remember.
  • Click sign up.
  • After a successful sign-up, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox.
  • Login your email address
  • Identify and open an email from them, the content of the mail reads ‘Hi username, Captain here! Thanks for signing up. Let’s make Bitcoin adoption a reality, but first, verify your email by clicking the below button!”
  • Click confirm email.

You will be taken to another page with a message informing you that your email has been confirmed. Another message will carry your referral link to enable you to share to friends and family.


Official Website

Once you are done with your confirmation, you can then log in at the official website. You can still get your referral link from your dashboard on the website. You can also edit some of your details.

The wallet feature is not yet available, and you will only see the coming soon page. You can also check the leader board from your dashboard. The leader-board will give you insights into how effective your referral game is going.


For easy referral process, the project has two recommended write up with your referral link at the bottom. The first one comes “Hey, I just discovered Captain Bitcoin; they are focused on driving bitcoin and crypto adoption by $1,000 in Bitcoin daily giveaways to their users simply for watching two minimum of videos on their platform. Additionally, to kick off, they are doing a $15,000 BTC giveaway, and early sign up bonus in their native tokens. Sign up now –”

While the twitter recommended, one reads, “Hey, I just came across the best Bitcoin and crypto adoption app ever, and it’s called Captain Bitcoin. They aim is to drive adoption by giving away $1,000 of BTC / day to their users, pretty cool –”

Using the message will make it more presentable than the spam-like straight link. You get one thousand tokens for each successful referral.

It is worthy of note that only verified accounts are eligible for the competition. An unverified account will therefore not take part in the competition and subsequent token allocation.


About Captain Bitcoin

You all know that I always love to talk a little about the project that is airdropping. In the case of Captain Bitcoin Airdrop, Captain Bitcoin is the parent project.

Captain Bitcoin is a project that plans to drive up the use cases of the bitcoin blockchain. They intend to give out Bitcoins daily to selected individuals who engage in their videos. Apart from the thousands of dollar worth of Bitcoin, The CAPT token would also be given to them. In summary, Captain Bitcoin is a platform that has promotional video contents, and they pay their users to watch these short videos. This makes it possible for people to earn money in a fun and exciting manner.

Captain Bitcoin hopes to be the hero of the Bitcoin blockchain. They are targeting to be the focal point of all Crypto and blockchain technologies. Feel free to read my article on why I think blockchain is the future by clicking here.


How it will work

I know a lot of questions are running through your mind on how these people intend to pull off such a massive project. According to the team, they believe everyone on earth should have access to Bitcoin. Firstly, they’ve made it clear that their Bitcoin is hundred percent free. The Captain Bitcoin team will never ask you to send them any physical or digital money. All they require is your time.

The process works by giving you a platform that you can watch short paid videos. The average length of the video is about two minutes only. After watching the video, you are then entered into the daily draw. The daily draw winners all go home with some dollar worth of Bitcoin. The more videos you watch, the more entries you get. Having more entries practically increases your chances of winning.


Other wings of the Captain Bitcoin Airdrop

There are different ways to earn from this pre-launch giveaway.  Below are some of them.

The top Influencers

This is a special package for people who are good at referrals. The top three people that will sign-up most users will walk home with different prices.

  • The first position will go home with a Whopping two thousand five hundred dollars in Bitcoin.
  • Being second entitles you to a one thousand five hundred dollars in bitcoin
  • Coming third gives you a thousand dollars in bitcoin.


The League of Influencers

This is an extra compensation to the next top ten individuals in the referral ranking. Each of them will get a total of five hundred dollars gift for their hard work.

The First Draw

This draw will come live once the team achieves their Sign up target. A hundred dollars each will be given to fifty members of the community.


Sounds like a great project to me and I would recommend it for people in need of airdrops to give a try.

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Let us know what you feel about Captain Bitcoin Airdrop and the whole project.


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