Can SEC and Ripples differences be settled?

Trading of XRP won’t be held back by Uphold in spite of the continued SEC suit against Ripples.
SEC and Ripples are possibly to settle as each party don’t seem to be fautless says Abra’s business executive.

Can SEC  and Ripples differnces be settled as overwhelming majority of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges having stopped trading XRP to American customers, Uphold is bucking the trend.

Despite the security suit filed against Ripple and its founder before Christmas, the exchange will keep listing XRP and trading. Uphold chief in operation officer JP Thieriot wrote via Twitter:

Adjudicated against Ripple are grievances that will not stop the listing of XRP on Uphold.

Specifically citing that XRP is, today, a security, or commerce volume dissipates to extents where we are unable to support.

Reasons to not delist XRP
As Thieriot mentioned, Uphold hopes “other exchanges will take a regular stance rather than passing judgment before the court’s decision.”

Thereupon, Thieriot looked at different exchanges, who have taken preventative action to avoid being in SEC’s line of fire themselves.

Furthermore, Uphold’s business executive noticed the importance of the suit for the complete crypto market.

Thieriot hopes that going forward “ SEC/Ripple dispute will each set the goalposts for token offerings.

As well as clear the fogbank of uncertainty that currently settles over the Stellar’s and Filecoin’s, if not ETH itself.”

Can SEC and Ripples differences be settled?

Uphold’s business executive additionally criticized the SEC’s actions. Writing concerning the huge monetary damages crypto investors have suffered as a results of the SEC’s action against Ripple.

However, the lawsuit against Ripple Labs shows “several conundrums.”

What if punishing actions of some parties not only harms XRP holders, but threatens to harm participants in similar projects

How is” invoking billion dollar losses for innocent third parties in consumer protection interest?”, said by ex Comissioner SEC

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