BTC reaches a new high can it break $50,000

 Bitcoin (BTC) value has picked up momentum and rallied to 49,300 USD creating successive massive target – $50,000 likely to happen soon.
Experts speculate on the sustainability of Bitcoin’s value action.Bitcoin is moving towards $50,000,once setting a brand new uncomparable high higher than $49,300. Though analysts expected a break into chartless territory. Several are questioning whether or not the cryptocurrency’s drive is powerful enough to sustain the rally.

BTC reaches a new high can it break $50,000 At the time of publication, Bitcoin’s value stood at $49,018 with gains of 4.5% within the last 24 hours. On the weekly and monthly chart, Bitcoin is posting gains of 24.10% and 24.25%. The capitalisation climbed to $911 billion.

Trader “The Wolf of All Streets” explained that Bitcoin value rised to this level after seven rejections at $48,200. Melker expects a breakout as “consolidation below resistance typically results in a break up”. In his opinion, successive resistance can beat $60,000.

BTC reaches a new high can it break $50,000

With this in mind, the merchandiser“CryptoKaleo” has foreseen an increase to $65,000 or $70,000. However, the cryptocurrency may first fall back to $40,000 to achieve new momentum then rise to $100,000. CryptoKaleo declared via Twitter:

Everyone will be excited to change their value targets to $100K+ within the next week at the moment

However, CryptoQuant chief operating officer Ki-Young Ju believes “it are going to be tough” to interrupt $50,000. Young Ju records a negative $45 premium on the Coinbase professional service. Previously, Bitcoin managed to reach a new high when premium was high, indicating sturdy institutional participation.

Where is the investment in Bitcoin coming from?
One potential reason for the new momentum is news that Morgan Stanley will step in with a $150 million investment. Merchandiser Michael van de Poppe has been bullish concerning this possibility:

It’s unstoppable. One by one they’re going to need in and at some point they’re going to have to get in. It’s that cycle.

If the worth of Bitcoin manages to rise higher than $50,000, it may receive a brand new flow of investors.

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