Bithumb Boltt Airdrop Procedures

It is a pleasure to introduce another simple way to earn free cryptocurrency through airdrops. Today’s post is about the Boltt airdrop. Boltt is partnering with Bithum to airdrop a whopping 80,000 Boltt to new users of Bithumb.
To be eligible for this Boltt airdrop, participants must complete KYC level 2.
The actual reward for each participant is dependent on the total number of participants at the end of the airdrop. Below is a breakdown of the estimated price.

By the end of the Boltt airdrop, if they have a total of 100-999 participants, then 10 Boltt will be airdropped to each participant.

If they get between 1000-2999 participants, then 15 Boltt will be airdropped to each participant.

Our prayer is that they get 3000-4000 users because this means that each user will go home with 20 Boltt. Following the above Illustrations, You can agree with me that the Boltt Airdrop is limited to only 4000 participants. I will advise you to make haste in completing the sign-up process and also undertake your KYC on time.

Boltt Airdrop procedures

Most of the previous airdrops has always been on simple social media task. This one is different as it requires you to create and verify your account. However, nothing is as hard as it appears.
There are two active Boltt Airdrops ongoing. Follow the steps below to participate in the Bithumb Boltt sign up airdrop and the Bolt deposit airdrop.

Boltt airdrop for signing up

Follow the step by step guide on how to participate in the sign-up Boltt airdrop below:

  • Visit the Bithumb official site by clicking on this link.
  • Click on create an account.
  • Enter your email address, then click send in other to get your email verification code and proceed to other details that are needed.
  • Tick all the boxes and click on create an account.
  • Login in to your account and complete your level 2 KYC.

Deposit Boltt Airdrop

There is also another opportunity to earn free Boltt coins when you deposit a certain amount of Boltt. This is for users who have completed their KYC. It has a straightforward process, for every 50 boltt you deposit, you get an extra five boltt. However, it is capped at 25 boltt per user.

NOTE: The Boltt Airdrop is valid for only a few days. It runs from the 25th of July to the 2nd of August.


It is always in my habit to talk about the coin that you are hoping to get free. This particular one is a direct extract from the Boltt executive summary. You can visit this link to download the pdf format.

“The healthcare industry is in the midst of a major paradigm shift. The exponential growth of health data is not only from internal systems such as electronic health records (EHRs) but also from external touchpoints at the consumer’s end like wearables, fitness apps, medical devices, pharmacies, patient portals. Current solutions are lacking in terms of data control, monetization, ownership, security, and transparency for both the users and organizations that need data to improve user health. This highlights a need for a better and effective solution powered by Blockchain that can transform and disrupt the billion-dollar Healthcare industry.


Lack of user control
Users do not have access or control over their own health data. Today companies sell user data to third
parties without the users knowing this.

Lack of user monetization

Traditional data brokerage process leaves the consumers out of the picture. Everyone except the user benefits from their own health data.

Fragmented Data

Health Data is stored in separate silos that make it an arduous task for organizations who need the data for patient diagnosis, treatment, and care.


Existing health solutions use centralized private or cloud-based servers that are susceptible to one purpose of failure and to hacking/denial of service.

Boltt Protocol’s Solution

How it works?

Boltt is building the largest Health Data network in the world to empower patients to own and control their Health data and profit from it. User data is worth so much more when the data is connected to the users.


With the help of Distributed Ledger Technology and Decentralised Storage, we give back control of the data in the user’s hands. This gives the opportunity to users to monetize their data by willingly sharing their health/fitness records with the platform. In return, they get rewarded in Boltt Tokens for contributing to the platform economy. On the other hand, an organization can access this reliable consumer data, by staking Boltt Tokens on the platform.


Our platform provides continuous access to personal health data from about 350 medical wearables.
Access your health data from your doctor’s office, pharmacy, EHRs, Labs, patient portals, mobile apps, fitness tracker, and anywhere else it’s stored.


Our platform enables permission-based sharing of your data with the people and organizations that help you manage your health.
Using Smart Contracts and decentralized storage on the Blockchain, we enable privacy and secure data transfer.


Boltt Marketplace will enable Health Organisations to show custom offers to a targeted audience basis for reliable user data. Users can use Boltt Tokens can be used to avail Products and services. The platform will also enable the delivery of personalized ads by organizations based on customer activity analysis.

Use Cases

The following organizations will be interested in accessing user data to improve and change their health solutions for the population :
Hospitals & Health Systems attention, IT firms, welfare firms, Pharmaceutical Companies Payers and Insurance Device Manufacturers and App developers


Boltt Protocol is founded by the Boltt Team that has that has worked with advanced Health Data solutions for a number of years. The company has an existing ecosystem of thousands of users.


IBM Watson Health

We are leveraging IBM Watson’s AI-powered Analytics platform solves some of the world’s most pressing health challenges through data, analytics, and AI.


Klaytn is Kakao’s Blockchain platform. Klaytn is an enterprise-grade, service-centric platform that brings user-friendly blockchain experience to millions.


BigchainDB High throughput, low latency, powerful query functionality, decentralized control, immutable data storage, and built-in asset support, it is like a database with blockchain characteristics.”


Boltt seems like a coin with lots of prospects, and It would be a good thing to get the opportunity to hodl some for free.
Hurry and do every step to be eligible.

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I would love to hear your feedback and view towards the Boltt platform through the comment box.

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  1. I signed up and completed the KYC but i did not receive the Boltt…was the distribution already dome

    1. The airdrop ended on 2nd August as stipulated in the post. If you followed all the above procedure and also did your KYC, then you should have it in three working days from the date of their announcement.

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