Bitcoin Exchange Boost Coronavirus Fight With Donation

Famous Bitcoin exchange has boosted the fight against coronavirus by donating a whopping five Million dollars to the course. The giant Cryptocurrency exchange has said that it would spend 2.4 million dollars on securing medical devices to help fight the pandemic.

This was made public by The CEO of the Bitcoin Exchange during the Ask me anything session that was held during the weekend.

Earlier, Binance exchange had made a tweet thanking their twitter followers for the taking part in their last competition. Binance had also asked tweeter users to retweet a particular tweet with an offer of matching every retweet to a dollar donation. The tweet read “Every retweet of this post with #CryptoAgainstCOVID = $1 USD donation.#Binance Charity will donate up to $1,000,000 USD!

If we hit 1 million retweets within 7 days, @BinanceBCF will donate an extra $1,000,000 USD!
Let’s go!”

After some days, Binance made it known that they were making a one million dollars donation through a tweet. Here is the tweet content “Thank you for your incredible efforts in spreading the awareness of .
On behalf of everyone that retweeted, Charity will be making a $1M USD donation today!
Donations will be used to purchase medical supplies from vetted suppliers & shipped globally”

According to Changpeng Zhao, “we donate physical supplies, masks, other medical supplies and hopefully eventually fans.”

Zhao also said “I think there will be a shipment to Italy this week. And then hopefully the United States, Germany and some of the other countries that are really hit hard.”


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