Bitcoin Circulation Hits a staggering 85 percent

Bitcoin is widely known as the mother of all cryptocurrencies in the world. It is the most popular cryptocurrency in the whole universe.  It took a while for Bitcoin to be accepted by people. Bitcoin circulation involves the amount of Bitcoin that has been mined, and it is currently in different wallets around the world. The concept was first described in 1998 by Wei Dai but was first implemented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto.


According to data obtained from, eighty-five percent (85%) of Bitcoin (BTC) stock is now in circulation. That means that a staggering eighty-five percent (85%) of the currency has already been mined. It is widely believed that the maximum amount of bitcoin that will be created will be capped at 21 million for the time being. Judging by that numbers, it means that there are still 3.15 million bitcoins to mine. With 3.15 Million Bitcoins left to be mined, it means the miners still have few years to tap into this gold mine.

Eighty-five percent of Bitcoin might have been mined, but it will still take a while before the entire Bitcoin stock is finally mined and is in circulation. I am taking into account the fact that the reward for miners (block reward) will decrease over time, and the number of transactions in a block will increase. It would take until around 2140 before the entire stock of the most dominant cryptocurrency is in circulation.
When I said the rewards of miners would decrease with time, I meant that the mining rewards would be halved in other to decrease the amount of Bitcoin being mined. This reduces the amount of Bitcoin Circulation.

Bitcoin Circulation

When we talk about Bitcoin circulation, we mean the amount of Bitcoin that have been mined and are in different wallets around the globe. However, it is interesting to note that some of the Bitcoins in circulation have been permanently lost.
People Losing their wallet details accounts to an enormous amount of Bitcoin loss. A lot of Traders sometimes lose their private key and even loss their complete hardware wallet. These lose has been a significant drawback to people. Especially when they know, they might not be able to recover their wallet once the private key has been lost. According to a study by Chainalysis, more than 20% of the total Bitcoin (BTC) in circulation has already been lost. This study was done about two years ago, and it is believed that more has been lost. Although more has been lost, more will still be lost. That is why we take it seriously when it comes to keeping your private details safe.

How Bitcoin Circulation Affects BTC Price

I know a lot of people are curious about how Bitcoin Circulation affects the Bitcoin (BTC) overall price. Whether you like it or not, a coin circulation has a way of affecting the price. In terms of Bitcoin, the fact that Bitcoin has a maximum circulation is a positive fact for the price. It means that bitcoin is becoming scarce and therefore, will worth more. We all know that the scarcity of a product drives the price higher. Once the maximum amount of Bitcoin has been mined, then users can only buy and not create any new one.

Bitcoin Halving

By May 2020, Bitcoin mining reward will be reduced by fifty percent (50%). Currently, the miners go home with 12.5 Bitcoin. This reward will be halved to 6.25 Bitcoin after the Halving.  After the Halving, a lot of analysts believes the price of Bitcoin will soar high. The Halving will reduce Bitcoin circulation and also extend the mining gains for the miners. Therefore, it will take double the time the miners are currently using to mine the same amount of Bitcoin. What this means is that a miner that makes 25 Bitcoin in one week will now have to make that same amount of Bitcoin after the Bitcoin Halving process.


Bitcoin remains a significant influence on the whole cryptocurrency sector. The blockchain has some leverage on the huge publicity that Bitcoin has brought to the blockchain. It is a good thing to know that circulation is increasing. It means that more people are getting interested in the project and a lot of people are buying it. Already, people are accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, and this means a lot of positive things to the sector.
We are all waiting to experience the Bitcoin halving and see how much value will be added to Bitcoin as a whole.

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