Alibaba Damo Academy Includes Blockchain In Their Top Ten Technology Trend For 2020

A lot of people have predicted an increase in blockchain adoption and Alibaba Damo Academy just made it to one of those that believes that the blockchain will do better this year.

This was made known by a list of top 10 technology trends in 2020.

In a post by Alibaba Damo Academy tagged ‘Top 10 Technology Trends in 2020 Predicted by Alibaba DAMO Academy’, The e-commerce giant placed the blockchain technology at number 6 out of 10.


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Below is an extract of what they had to say about the blockchain.

Trend No. 6  Large-Scale Production-Grade Blockchain Applications will Gain Mass Adoption

BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) will further reduce the barriers of entry for enterprise blockchain applications. A variety of hardware chips embedded with core algorithms used in terminals, cloud and designed specifically for blockchain will also emerge, allowing assets in the physical world to be mapped to assets on blockchain, further expanding the boundaries of the Internet of Value and realizing “multi-chain interconnection”. In the future, a large number of innovative blockchain application scenarios with multi-dimensional collaboration across different industries and ecosystems will emerge, and large-scale production-grade blockchain applications with more than 10 million DAI (Daily Active Items) will gain mass adoption.”


Below is a full list of all Alibaba Damo Academy Top ten trend predictions:

Trend No 1.  Artificial intelligence evolves from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence.

Trend No 2. In-Memory-Computing addresses the “memory wall” challenges in AI computing.

Trend No 3. Industrial IoT power the digital transformation.

Trend No 4. Large-scale collaboration between machines become possible.

Trend No 5. Modular design makes chips easier and faster by stacking chiplets together.

Trend No. 6  Large-Scale Production-Grade Blockchain Applications will Gain Mass Adoption.

Trend No. 7  A critical period before large-scale quantum computing.

Trend No.8  New Materials Will Revolutionize the Semiconductor Devices.

Trend No.9 Growing Adoption of AI Technologies that Protect Data Privacy.

Trend No.10  Cloud becomes the center of IT technology innovation.


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