Agareum Airdrop Procedures

In line with our promise to bring you several opportunities to earn free cryptocurrency through airdrops, I am pleased to bring the Agareum airdrop to your notice. Lately, we’ve been trying to bring you only verified airdrops, and that is why it appears like we are not putting up too many Airdrop posts.

The Agareum airdrop is in no way stressful, and all can be done in a few minutes. This post will take you on a step by step guide on how to participate in this airdrop. I will also be kind enough to list the requirements for this airdrop.
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Airdrop Requirements

The Agareum airdrop is simple and does not require a lot of procedures. Below is a list of everything you need:

  • You will need a telegram account.
  • Also, you will need a twitter account.
  • There is an optional need for a facebook account for an extra 400 AGR.
  • The last item is an Ethereum wallet account. You will use this to collect your tokens.

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Agareum Airdrop Procedures

To be eligible for this airdrop, kindly follow the steps below to get started:

  • Visit the Agareum airdrop form by clicking on this LINK.
  • Join their telegram group.
  • Also, join their telegram channel.
  • Follow Agareum on twitter and also follow the other given twitter account.
  • Register on the given site and play the game for at least twenty times.
  • Fill the form correctly as it is given on the airdrop page.
  • You will be asked to input your email, your telegram username, your twitter username, your Facebook username (optional) and Your Ethereum wallet address.
  • Tick all the boxes provided and click on the ‘Join the airdrop.’
    Note: All the links are embedded in the first link provided above.

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Agareum Airdrop worth

The Agareum airdrop gives a total of two thousand AGR tokens for carrying out a simple social task. You can also earn an extra two hundred extra AGR tokens per referral. You can only refer a maximum of ten people.
The sweetest part is that there KYC is not required.
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About Agareum

Agareum is an online gaming platform that enables its users to compete against each other while earning points from the game. Users get to pick different types of games.

Follow the above steps, and your tokens will be sent to your wallet.

Feel free to drop your comments and views towards this project.


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